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Atheists,do you think you can win a debate a debate against Christian Conservative thinker,Thomas Sowell?

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I was surprised when I heard about this person,he is a smart black man !Please do not pull the race card on me.

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    i love Thomas Sowell and i am atheist; his "economics 101" book is a must read for anyone that wants to know how the economy works. I don't agree with his religious views but he is a brilliant man on economics issues.

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    What race card?

    I only watched the video for a second but he seemed to be making a fairly obvious point that had nothing to do with religion.

    So why are you asking Atheists? You could ask anyone that question. He seems to have reasonably good debate skills but nothing special.

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    Anyone could win a debate with a Christian Conservative, but Christian Conservatives don't play fair. They build lies upon lies.

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    We can't play the race card after you admitted you were surprised that someone can be smart and black? Come on.

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    He's acting as though welfare is a decent amount of money. It's not. It's barely enough for food and a cheap-*** 1 bedroom apartment. It's also less than minimum wage, so if you're doing work, either your employer is violating the law or you're making more than welfare.

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    Well, you just played the race card.

    If I prepared properly for the debate, certainly. But I leave that for people who feel the need to debate theists like this.

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    Debating what? The guy is most well known as an economist, not a preacher.

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    What's there to debate?

    I am an atheist cos there are NO invisible sky critters.

    Your brain is wired to worship magic or it isn’t.

    Either it’s wired to utilize logic or it isn’t.

    Either it’s analytical of myths or it isn’t.


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  • J
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    Conservative thinker?

    Good joke! (lolz!)

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