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What do you think of Alabama candidate Tim James's statement; 'this is Alabama - we speak English'?

Tim James wishes to cut costs of printing driving manuals to printing in English only. The cost, of printing driving manuals in multi languages, is expensive. If Albama cuts the printing to English only then residents will have to learn English before taking a written test....and why not, because all of the road signs are in English only..... If a person can not speak, write or understand English - then why live here? Why should we bow down to those who refuse to acknowledge us? English is our 'founding' language and that's it.

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    I don't understand the insane outcry over this

    Driving is NOT NOT NOT NOT a basic civil right. It is a privledge licensed by the State in agreement that one will obey the laws and obligations of operating a vehicle

    All the road signs and directions are in English

    So OBVIOUSLY english would be required in order to properly navigate obey these laws

    So what is the problem with english only tests? There is none

    No one is forcing people to learn english, no one is saying "If you refuse to learn english you cannot work, live or have kids" or anything like that.

    It is literally insane to assume a society is required to speak hundreds of languages, it would allow for no common communication which leads to a break down of civilization...basic life on earth 101

    We have freedom of speech..that means people are free to NOT learn english and hence NOT be able to communicate with others and as such bear responsibility for any hardships this causes

    By the way...I have been to other countries where I did not speak the language....know what..I could NOT talk to the locals who did NOT speak English...and guess what else..I did not get up and demand the country accomodate me...I got a frickin book and used that to talk to people and once in awhile i would meet someone who spoke english and it was a great help

    but I was only a tourist

    If I was to move to another country...I would 1) find shelter 2) not stick my genitals in an electrical socket and oh yeah learn the language used a common form of communication be it spanish, french, vietnamese, etc

    Nothing against other languages...but english is the US's common tongue so if you want to live and drive here...learn it or stop whining for special treatment because you decide not to learn

    I mean what if a British guy moves to the US...should we all change and drive on the left because he doesn't want to change?

    Of course not...only a complete retard would think so

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    I agree... my Mother and her parents arrived here in the early 1930's from Germany and though they already spoke basic English, they had lost their accents and spoke fluently by 1942 (being at war sped things up). MILLIONS came here from non-English speaking countries from the 1820's through today... and almost ALWAYS learn English. It's curious that the BIG concern is for those speaking Spanish... be they Mexican, or from the various Central / South American countries. And I AGREE that we need to cancel most of the government forms in multiple languages... though the drivers information is lowest on my priority... how about VOTING forms ?? You're not supposed to VOTE unless you're a citizen, and you're not supposed to be a citizen without passing an English exam !! EDIT - I'm an retired US Naval Officer and have lived overseas (I currently split my year between California and the Philippines) in 4 different countries for at least a year each... I learned Spanish when my Dad took an 18 month assignment in Mexico City, I learned German in high school, Russian in college, and gathered a passing knowledge of Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Tagalog, and Bisayan when I lived or deployed to those countries. AND YES there are ignorant Americans... but they are blessed with citizenship. Unless they want to attend college or travel overseas what need have they for a 2nd language ?? OH, and those foreign investors in the US... THEY learn English (and often speak it far better than anyone from New Jersey or the Bronx) or pay top dollar for interpreters.

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    He should first try to translate the name of his state in English. But those populists are never very logical, they just try to find logical-sounding reasons to annoy the scapegoat that happens to be in fashion at the moment. We have them here in Europe too. Western Europe : blame the Muslims. Eastern Europe : blame the gypsies or the Jews. USA : blame the most recent poor immigrants.

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    Founding language isn't legally binding. De facto language isn't an established language.

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    should be the USA stance.

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