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Can someone explain the logic behind allowing illegal aliens to file federal income taxes?

This makes no sense to me.

The Federal Govt. has laws on the books that make it a crime to be in the country illegally. The Federal Govt. obviously doesn't even try to enforce these laws. (hence the reason Arizona etc. are finally getting fed up)

At the same time, the IRS allows illegal immigrants (via ITIN #s) to let federal income taxes be taken out of their paychecks. (Wouldn't that imply the person hiring them is also breaking the law??) These same ITIN #s can get you bank accounts and even a mortgage through ACORN.

THE BEST PART: In order to get an ITIN as an illegal alien you have to MAKE UP A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER?? (or steal someone else's)

Isn't the IRS basically aiding and abetting what are technically "criminals" (according to laws on the books)??

Tuesday is Tax Day, when millions of illegal immigrants find themselves collaborating with one federal agency — the Internal Revenue Service — while trying to avoid another — Immigration and Customs Enforcement....................They hope a track record of on-time payments will aid their citizenship applications, but critics who favor tougher enforcement of federal immigration rules say it’s absurd for the government to work with people it should be tracking down and deporting. It legitimizes the presence of immigrants who are here illegally, critics say, and sends a mixed message about the country’s interest in enforcing its own rules............................In 2004, the IRS got 7.9 million W-2s with names that didn’t match a Social Security Number. More than half were from California, Texas, Florida and Illinois, states with large immigrant populations, leading experts to believe they likely represent the wages of illegal immigrants. Even immigrants who use ITINs to file taxes are forced to make up a Social Security Number when they get a job.......................Many banks now allow illegal immigrants to open an account with their ITIN, and Bank of America has a pilot program in Los Angeles that allows customers to use the numbers to sign up for a credit card. Others have created mortgage products for ITIN-bearing immigrants, including Citibank, which offers one in partnership with ACORN Housing Corp.

“They want to go forward, work, be a normal taxpayer,” said Erica Gonzalez, a staffer in ACORN’s Fresno office, where demand for the tax ID has shot up in recent years. “If they want to establish themselves here, this lets them do that.”


franc............"You have a problem with them paying taxes?"

That's the point. They're only FILING taxes. (You file, you get a rebate if you make low income).

Update 2:

mr. hat............"According to IRS, illegals contribute $7 BILLION to social security each year. You have a problem with that?"

And that fund will STILL be out of money in 20 years. So who really gives a fk.

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    It is this easy. The federal government wants money. The federal government takes money. The federal government allows people outside (or inside) the US to file taxes, as all income earned in US (whether by citizen or non-resident alien) is taxable. For example, a portion of the income of a canadian who does busniess in the us is subject to US income tax.

    This does not mean anything. It is the law. If you earn income in US, you must pay income tax (even if you do not qualify for benefits you are paying for). The tax return is also required. Of course, if you do not get file a return, you cannot get a refund (most people over-withhold). The government is only entitled to the proper amount of taxes, whether the person is a citizen, an alien, or an illegal resident.

    Hope this helps.

    Incidentally, the IRS will give a non-citizen a taxpayer identifcation number that does not require a social security number. Still, the worker has SS and medicare taxes taken out, even though they will never collect.

  • Lule
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    It's supposed to keep them out of politics, but it obviously doesn't work as the huge amounts of money some of the churches pump into political causes makes abundantly clear. As someone who works with the very poor and the homeless on a daily basis I can assure you the vast majority of them absolutely do NOT "help others". The only two in my area that do anything significant besides us Heathens and Pagans in my Kindred are the Catholics and the Salvation Army. My Kindred is tax exempt but pay our taxes anyway because we like having things like roads, fire departments and backup from the police when we need it. It is also the responsible thing to do, and we're very into being a responsible and contributing citizen in all areas of life. The rest of the churches in the tri-county area we serve run a weekly food pantry IF they do anything at all for the community. They definitely need to be taxed.

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    Simple, so the government can get more money to waste.

    In reality, if they file, their income will be so low they will pay nothing, but then will be able to file for welfare and also get tax rebates just like all other non-working residents of America.

    Their employer,on the other hand, will have to contribute to the Social Security and Medicare tax pool. (Pay their pay-roll taxes.)

  • jack m
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    the logic is the IRS is to collect as much money as allowed by law. the ITIN is used by legal aliens, legal immigrants, and obviously illegal aliens. it is illegal to anyone to make up or use a fraudulent SS number and that is exactly how a lot of illegal aliens are caught, they try to defraud the Federal using a false SS number.

    Source(s): IRS INS
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    According to IRS, illegals contribute $7 BILLION to social security each year. You have a problem with that?

    I dont know why Republicons would be so anti-illegals, I mean where will they get nannies and housekeepers if they all are deported?

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    the answer to this question is extremely obvious. illegal aliens are allowed to pay taxes because this would generate more revenue for the us government. plain and simple. because of money. because they want to collect as much money in taxes as they possibly can, just like any government.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Most illegals use fraudulent documents to get US Employment

    since they are impersonating US citizens, they similarly file to get "their" refunds

    The IRS can't tell the legit filers from the criminals, this is why it's called IDENTITY THEFT

    Why would you expect criminal aliens to leave money on the table

  • Polly
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    Well, since the Feds could care less about citizenship--law breakers-felons--it makes perfect sense--the feds just want anyone Money like Mobster loan sharks...that is what DC has become a cesspool of loan sharks and their minions.

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    We tax income, regardless of whether it was earned legally or illegally.

    You would prefer that illegal aliens be EXEMPT from taxes? So the rest of us legal folks have to pick up the slack?

    Wow, John Dillenger would have LOVED you--if we followed your approach to taxation, he would have never been arrested or convicted.

    "Your honor, I earned my income illegally, not legally."

    "Case dismissed."

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I guess it would make you feel better if they were exempt from paying taxes. Very logical.

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