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I have a few questions about the Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire?

(I watched it in japanese with japanese subtitles because there are no english subs out yet.)

1. Why was Gaara attacking Naruto?

2. Was the Sunagakure in "war" with Kohonagakure? (the scene where they were over that cliff) And in the Movie, were they enemies, hence the pre-battle between then before Jiraiya came in?

3. What made Sakura let Naruto out of his cage?

4. Why was Shikamaru and the other kohona folk trying to stop Naruto from going after Kakashi?

5. Why was Kakashi possessed? Was it just by random or did it have a purpose?

It would be appreciated if someone can answer these. Thank you!

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    1. Gaara fought with Naruto partly because he wanted to stop Naruto, but to see what Jiraiya told Gaara, about Naruto's way of the Ninja, that by never-giving up a change will occur even if it seems impossible.

    2. Yes. because Hiruko(boss enemy) was a missing ninja from Konoha, and the villages were blaming Konoha for it.

    3. By what Naruto said, that a ninja who breaks the law is a scum, but a ninja who leaves his' friends to die is worst than scum, that's what Kakashi taught Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke way back when they were young and when they tried to get the bells from Kakashi.

    4. Because by sacrificing Kakashi, Hiruko would be stopped, and if Naruto interferes Kakashi's plan might fail, and it would be the end for all ninjas.

    5. Because after young Obito died, young Obito gave his sharingan to young Kakashi, a few months after that Hiruko went to young Kakashi and placed a puppet seal or a mind controlling seal on him, which allowed Hiruko to control Kakashi, he placed it on young Kakashi so that after all his preparations were ready he would activate the seal and control Kakashi to come to him.

    It would be appreciated if someone can answer these. Thank you!

    above is the link to where i watched it :) super great movie,,u have to watch it with English subs :D

    Source(s):, and my memory :))
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    1. kakashi was supposed to be protecting the village by approaching the enemy. but naruto wouldnt allow it. gaara disagreed with naruto so he attacked him

    2. they were in battle, but then gaara stopped it becuz hes finally believed in naruto's will of fire or sth

    3. sakura wanted to save kakashi too duh

    4. shikamaru was under strict orders by tsunade not to let naruto follow / rescue kakashi cuz kakashi is supposed to be going to the enemy to help protect the village

    5. some years ago the bad guy approached kakashi put a curse on him and after some years he had to collect him to complete his special jutsu

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  • 3 years ago

    O.o i did no longer comprehend there grew to become right into a third action picture arising. in accordance to wikipedia: the 1st teaser trailer shows the Konoha eleven scuffling with a great creature, the 2d shows the Konoha eleven and Kakashi fading in darkness and the third shows Konoha eleven battling a team of ninja and Tsunade asks Kakashi if he's keen to die for the village *SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER* all of us comprehend the ending, kakashi will a technique or the different come back alive if he ever *dies* interior the action picture, hes nonetheless alive and kicking interior the manga! Its such as that action picture the place naruto supposedly died too! (the place he battled the demon)

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  • 10 years ago

    1.Because Gaara knew it was Kakashi who wanted to go sacrifice himself to save the village and didn't want anyone to stop him.

    2.No, they were just about to go to war of Gaara had been hurt but he wasn't.

    3.Sakura is a part of team Kakashi so she felt left out when Naruto wanted to stop him and not let Sakura know what he did. So she wanted to help Naruto stop Kakashi from leaving the village.

    4.By order of Tsunade, she had to let Kakashi go sacrifice himself and Kakashi didn't want anyone to stop him, if anyone were to they were to be stopped and arrested.

    5.Kakashi wanted Tsunade to place a special jutsu on him, he was also being controlled by the enemy.

    Hope this helps, I just watched it last night and its one of the best Naruto movies so far!

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  • 10 years ago

    1. he had to stop him from getting to kakashi so kakashi could finish his job of killing himself with that guy.

    2.they were going to war if the killings of kekkei genkai wouldnt stop

    3. they wanted to save kakashi

    4. so he could finish his mission, just like with gaara

    5. he did on purpose kinda

    and the subs have been out for some time now.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Okay, so that other person answered your question, but i'm gonna tell you where to watch it sub, just to be helpful.(:

    go to movies.

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  • 10 years ago

    i know that i could answer your question......but im too lazy,

    its out with subs now, so just check your usual naruto site,

    or just google it,

    im sorry for being lazy, if you ask me to then i will re-watch it and i will sumerize it for ya!

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