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how do i make a guy like me?

i have a crush on this cute guy in my arpartment when ever i see him we just pass each other he never tries to look at me in the eye either he looks down or he just avoid to meet my eyes.

i once saw his young brother but i did not ask him his name

do you think he has a crush on me too?

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    There isn't anything specific to making a guy like you. Just be you and you'll find the right guy to you like you as you are. Now in your situation it's different, it's not even about making the like you, as much as it is just having him talk to you. It's either two things; either he's really shy and doesn't know how to approach girls or he's simply just not that into you. You can go about this in a few ways.

    Way #1:Way #1: Approach him the next time you see him in the hall way. Just say hello and start small talk. Maybe even act dumb and ask him a question as to if he knows where the park is near by?

    Way #2: Bump into him and apologize, see if this will finally open his eyes to looking at you and start a conversation from there.

    Way #3: Talk to his little brother and ask him what's up with his brother?

    Way #4: Be straight forward, tell him you think he's cute & you were wondering if he would like to hang out sometime?

    My preferred way to go is Way #1, if he isn't willing to talk to you and ask your name I would just say hi to him while passing in the hallway and introduce myself to him. It's up to you, but if he still shows no interest after that, I say let it go and move on. There are plenty of other guys out there that won't be so shy.

    Good luck. FOR MORE ADVICE GO TO MY WEBSITE or email me at (I will be posting your question on my site Friday 04.30.10)


    kristin nicole

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  • Julie
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    If he has a crush on you he would either make eye contact, say hello or acknowledge you. Its possible he has a relationship going and does not even think of you as a potential girl friend.

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    Have a small party and invite him, its a great way to break the ice.

    Or, you could shout 'fat penguin!' at him, then when he asks what you're on about, tell him it was just something to break the ice, get it?:L

    No, seriously, you just need to talk to him a couple of times and build up some sort of friendship, then you can invite him out with you and your friends. Then just the two of you.

    Just see how it all goes.

    Good Luck! x

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    im sorry to tell u this. but he does not have a crush on you and probably didnt even notice you. one day just say hi. he will notice you. then he will start a conversation. then he might like you once he gets to know you. if you need anything else just post another question

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    You should try to talk to him because he is probably shy if he looks at the ground.

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    talk to him and be friends and get to know him dont show him your boobs it only makes him like u for your body

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    he just may......try talking to him

    or have him help you with something.... lol

    be fun and flirty around


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  • 1 decade ago

    Show him your boobs.

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