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Christians, what books are the most potentially harmful to a Christian's faith?

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    Any,from the "Max & Ruby" series by author Rosemary

    If one knows What they believe and Why they believe it,the potential for eroding faith,is minimal...Some,are able to "Eat the fish and spit out the bones",some are unable to distinguish and choke..

    Scientific literature that "Appears" to be in opposition to the Word of God,must be interpreted by the individual..Generally however,Christians should not avoid but rather unintimidatingly embrace Science,as a whole..

    That being said...Any publication that is Provocative in nature,appealing to the lust of the flesh,should be avoided by all..Sexually implicit,blasphemous,"inconvenient" or other books that are flagrantly mocking,should be avoided,as well..

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    McKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. There's great historical material about the foolish and futile series of 7+ Crusades of Europeans invading the Middle East. And modern times shows us, they have long memories.

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    there is absolutely no book that is harmful to my faith. living on earth and being a witness to the daily atrocities that occur is far more harmful. Yet, i persevere in my faith because of what was witnessed and recorded in one book.

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    right here at 2 sturdy ones. " getting back interior the race" by employing joel beeke and "hinds ft in extreme places" by employing hannah hurdard. the two are accessible through amazon. "hinds ft in extreme places" is an allegory and is the reason a good number of the concern christains face interior the stroll of religion and journey in direction of the dominion of God. it grew to become into written one hundred years in the past or so, even yet it remains an impressive source of information trials and renewal of religion.

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    He martin,

    Don't lose this life and thereafter by becoming an atheist!

    I'm sure, you are like many other Christians who felt the bible as not true or Christianity is not so logical.

    Many people are empty hearted and almost lost faith because of the trinity issue. How can God be there and allows his SON to be crossed?

    I've seen many who are lost faith and looking for the truth in other religions and many found it already. Gues where!

    The fastest growing religion ever

    see this

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    for a fundie, it would be any thorough and objective history book

    cool christians are secure enough in their spirituality to understand the concept of allegory

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    Reading the Bible. It is a terrible book. God comes off as a misogynistic jerk who is ok with slavery, the death penalty (for minor offenses like talking back to your parents),rape and genital mutilation.

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    Anything that encourages rational scientific discourse, free thinking, or open mindedness.

    For a start.

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    Anything with science or logical thinking.

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    If you have true faith, it won't be swayed by reading any book.

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