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what did John wesley powell discover?

and if you could add a source to back up your answer, you would be a great help

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    After founding the Illinois Museum of Natural History, he helped lead expeditions into the American West and more specifically the Colorado River. Powell is credited with coining the word "acculturation", first using it in an 1880 report by the U.S. Bureau of American Ethnography. In 1883 Powell defined "acculturation" to be the psychological changes induced by cross-cultural imitation. Lake Powell, a reservoir of the Colorado River on the Utah-Arizona border, was named after him.

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    Powell charted the Colorado River. This was back in the days when the River went all the way to the Gulf of California. With the Dams now, it sort of peters out in the desert before it gets there now.

    You can try to find a song called Mr. Powell, from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils Car over the Lake Album, its a catchy tune, and it might go well in a presentation.

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