can any one help me? i just opened an auto shop.?

i need to get (Mitchell on demand) copies. I really need these things. I just opened an auto shop and I cant afford to buy them right now. If any one can help me I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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    There is a system of sharing large files over the internet. One of the files that is usually available for downloading is Mitchell in various revisions. Files shared this way are called "torrents". There are various legal issues with acquiring software this way so I cannot recommend this procedure. But there are many other files available that are not copyrighted so if you are interested in seeing how torrent sharing works, here is the process.

    First download a "client" that can handle the downloading process. I've heard "bittorrent" and "uTorrent" are good so Google one of those and download it. Then Google "Mitchell on demand torrent" and pick a site to download from. You may have to fiddle around a bit to figure out how to start the download but both softwares have Help menus. The download speed is determined by how many people are sharing and how fast their connection is. Try to find one that has at least 3 people sharing. It's a good idea to read any user reviews or questions.

    Good luck with your new business.

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    If your looking for mitchell on demand don't bother with torrent. If you want alldata then go to torrent. Alldata is much better anyway except mitchell has better wiring diagrams.

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    Go to the Better Business Bureau and ask for a no or low interest loan. They are there to help. They can also give you a mentor who has already had a successful business, at no charge to you. Best wishes on your successful business!

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