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Rock and Pop...what's your opinion on My Chemical Romance?

This is just out of curiosity, I am personally a fan but I know most people around here aren't. My opinion is that they generally make good music (with the exception of several overly-poppish songs off of The Black Parade) but are entirely too focused on their image.

Just tell why you do or don't like them, and why.

And if you don't like them, listen to this song:

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Do you really think it's that bad?

BQ: Guilty pleasure band? (MCR is mine..haha)

BQ2: Song of the day?

Okay thanks guys.


None taken, I'm asking for opinions here. It won't hurt my feelings if yours differs from mine, haha. :)

Update 2:

Lindsay: Same, I think their first album was the best and most raw.

Update 3:

No Ten, keep your name and avie! It's been that way pretty much since I first came to R&P. :)

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    1 decade ago
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    I've always been a fan of MCR, never tried to hide it. Black Parade was one of the albums I played on replay over and over a few years ago. I haven't listened to them lately, but I'd buy an album if theyever put another one out (although they did trash a Bob Dylan song, which is probably one of the 7 Deadly Sins). A few of my favorites by them are Mama, Deadliest Lives, and Teenagers. They're pretty good songwriters.

    I agree that their fanbase is part of the reason they get a lot of hate. I don't think a band should be blamed for their fans, though. American Idiot, IMO, was a fantastic album, but it got a lot of hate just because teen girls decided it was going to be the next big thing. Was that Green Day's fault?

    Anyway, MCR rocks. I've since moved on to harder goth-rock (eg Misfits), but I'll always have a place in my heart where the black parade can march (whoa -- that pretty pretty awesome conclusion. I impress myself sometimes.)

  • 1 decade ago

    I really like MCR and all of the albums. They're into concepts and for whatever reason I strongly identify with what they do with their music. I was glad they took a chance by branching out on Black Parade. Most people are stunned that someone like me in their 30s is a My Chem fan. But as a couple of others have said MCR is a good solid band, it's just that having a ton of MCR fangirls shout "OMG, so cuuuuute!" in every music forum doesn't exactly help the band's cred. It's a shame because it's not really their fault when you take a look at who they are.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I love them. Because they have great musics, their lyrics are awesome, etc. My favorite album is Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Most people stopped being fan since MCR released The Black Parade album though, but i'm okay with that. They're still awesome although a little bit different in that album.

    BQ: Mindless Self Indulgence, they're good, but swear a lot, lol. I'm not ashamed that i like them though.

    BQ2: It Doesn't Get Better Than This by The Calling.

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    5 years ago

    What do you think the New My Chemical romance album is gonna be/sound like? Well all I'm saying is that they haven't disappointed fan yet, why start now?? Do you like Franks new Look? Not a big fan of the beard, ah but people change. Do you think that all the songs are gonna be brighter now since gerard loves married life and is a father? Nah, gotta think of the fans. Plus after all the sh*t that's happened to him. I say there's a hell lot more of darkness & revenge a waiting. Are you gonna miss the fictional stories in their songs and their make up and costumes? I suppose. Nothing like a guy in make up to make girls go weak in the knees. Do you think their personalities are going to be different now that most of them are married and used to the rock and roll life? I'd say over the years they've changed as Gerard used to be a alcoholic & everyones had crap to deal with. I don't think it can change anymore then it has. Do you think that they will still be crazy and wild on stage? Well I doubt he'll be sitting on a stool. Do you think gerard will still kiss frank on stage and touch himself for the fans? (: Well he hasn't done it lately. Too bad.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm a big fan :) Only a couple of songs from the Black Parade album really stuck on me though. They're the biggest band that I always get excited for. I think the members are so nice and brilliant and performing too :)

    Guilty pleasure- Oh god. I have so many. Aerosmith's pretty bad. And Secondhand Serenade... And I MIGHT possibly sing along to Short Stack

    Song of the day is...Jealous Minds Think Alike- You Me At Six

  • 1 decade ago

    I actually remembered somebody from this site saying how they were actually a decent band, I think it might have been you. So I actually tried to give them a fair shot & got their album "three cheers" because I remember I used to like "Helena" when I was in 7th? grade.

    I have to say that they are a poor imitation of one of my favorite bands At The Drive-In. If you take ATDI's music, tone it down intensity wise, give a crappy band to a good singer, you have MCR. Maybe its because I'd been an ATDI fan for a long time that I feel that MCR is a poor imitation. At the same time, its hard to disassociate them with what I used to think "emo" was. I know what it is/is not now, but it somehow always leads me to thoughts of little spoiled kids crying over spilt milk. *shrugs*

    I deleted the album, but I did keep Helena.

    BQ: *Looks both ways & whispers* ... No Doubt. I've loved them since I was 12 haha, I just do.

    BQ2: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside / Miles Davis - So What

  • 1 decade ago

    Personally I don't think they even care about their image, they aren't in the music industry for the money, they're in it cause they have a dream & that dream is to try & help as many kids as they can through their music. I get that a lot of people don't like them cause they never got into them but I don't understand why they have to insult them cause it's not like MCR give a sh*t what the haters think anyway. I do however think it's sad that so many fans have abandoned them after The Black Parade & that really goes to show that with any band there aren't a lot of loyal fans when a band decides to do something different. As for me I got into them I think in 04 & stood by them through The Black Parade & even after Bob left. I think it's amazing what they are doing & their lyrics are great.

    BQ: I don't have any guilty pleasures. I'm not ashamed of any of the music I like.

    BQ2: Hollywood Whore - Papa Roach. I've had that stuck in my head a lot lately.

  • 1 decade ago

    Personally, I think they dont care at all about their image. I mean, they don't make the music to be famous or comercial, they make it to save lives, and because its their dream!

    I love MCR, they have such a unique and raw voice.

    Also, The Black Parade isn't bad at all, it might be veering away from punk rock, but It's still unbelievably good. And the guitar in all the songs is just...amazing! Ray Toro (lead guitarist) is very good at what he does ;)

    BQ: The Postal Service (I like the guys singing)

    BQ2: Sleeping Sickness - City and Colour

  • 1 decade ago

    I liked their first two albums. My favorite song is Hang 'Em High.

    If you like MCR, you should listen to Hot Water Music and At the Drive-In. Excellent post-hardcore bands.

    BQ: MCR too. Or maybe AFI, just because their old music was amazing and a lot of the newer stuff can be embarrassing.

    BQ2: Opeth - The Drapery Falls

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think they are ok

    I really like This is How I disappear and I can play it on my guitar

    People really judge them based on thing

    in this case its there fan base

    Bq I think you can tell (it begins with an L, from the 90's and have a new album coming out soon)

    I think I gave it away

    BQ2 All Along the Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix

    I just want to ask you one thing dazed

    should I change my whole avatar and name on here?

    Well my Pearl Jam trend is ending and I'm getting into more hip hop/jazz kind of thing I might change it or at least put a real image of me

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