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Scion tc and Scion tc trd questions?

What are the differences in:


body differences?

Is it reliable?


major differences not questioned in the above:

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    there is no difference, cuz there is not such thing as a "TRD tC" (figurativly speaking)

    i know youre talking about the RS 5.0 TRD tC, it just has lowering springs, rear sway bar, and a exhaust, with different seats, different floor mats, a TRD badge outside and inside, and 18 in wheels. little things like that dont make it a "TRD tC"

    in my opinion having a TRD tC is having all of the TRD parts: supercharger, short shifter, clutch, exhaust, LSD, springs/coilovers, struts/shocks, engine cover, rear sway bar, front strut tie bar, big brake kit, and a TRD badge (btw TRD badge=20 more horsepower << sarcasm). all of those make it TRD to me. then theres further "custom" parts you can get. but like i said, some are not worth it. 500 bucks for a muffler that has a louder sound?? lame.

    is the RS 5.0 TRD tC worth the money? ehh, so-so if you wanted a limited colored car with different rims. but all that stuff can be bought optional.

    just my opinion realy.

    Source(s): 05 Scion tC owner.
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  • 4 years ago

    I own a 2007 Scion tC and let me tell you will feel increased power once yo change the exhaust. My magnaflow exhaust only adds 6hp but I felt a little more push once I installed it. The TRD exhaust actually sounds good but $450 + installation for only 2hp isn't worth it. For the tC, I hear HKS is the best bargain as it adds 15hp for less than $450. And for a more expensive taste, the Borla catback just sounds immaculate and Greddy SP2 and Evo2 axlebacks sounds agressive (both will run you like $500-$600 but well worth it). You best bet is to shop around and find the best prices. Start at eBay stores, they usually have prices way below retail price. Good luck!!!

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