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If all 13 ANTM winners...?

Who do you think would win if ALL 13 winners from America's Next Top Model competed in an ultimate competition?

1.Adrianne Curry

2.Yoanna House

3.Eva Pigford

4.Naima Mora

5.Nicole Linkletter

6.Danielle Evans

7.Caridee English

8.Jaslene Gonzalez

9.Saleisha Stowers

10.Whitney Thompson

11.Britney (McKey) Sullivan

12.Teyona Anderson

13.Nicole Fox

I personally think Naima or Danielle would win because I think they had stunning photos and personalities. I'm just curiuos, who do you think and why?

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    The last season i saw was Jaslene's season so i'm only basing my answer off of the first 8 winners.

    Caridee or Adrianna. Adrianne could have been really successful. But she threw her career away and now there's no hope.

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    I don't have any idea because my opinions of the models are really different from the judges, but I would want Caridee English to win.

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    Mckey.. she's beautiful, cool collected personality

    or Caridee

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    CariDee is my favorite contestant ever and she is the best winner ever to be win all the time.

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  • Nicole
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    10 years ago

    either 10 or 13 they are both uniquely gorgeous instead of typical and boring and plain

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