Which budget airsoft sniper shall I go with? Or AEP?

Hey, I'm between a couple of budget airsoft guns. Please, no save up your money and get a BAR-10, I've saved for 3 months!

OK, my options:

1.UHC Super 9, (love the gun), with iron sights for now.

2.VSR-10, top of price range, $70, with iron sights for a month like the Super 9.

3.Buy my friends M14. (He got it for $40, springer, 300fps with .2s, AGM maybe?) Now, I want a gun at 350 or above. So, with a 3-9x40 scope, included, he is offering $50. Only shot a hundrad times. Now, I'd need to upgrade spring.. What spring would I go with?

4.Or something else?

5. Or buy some cheap AEG for the indoor 350 fps cqb field? Should I get a decent AEP and roll with that.

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    10 years ago
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    To answer your question, you need to ask yourself this: Will I be on defense or offense?

    If you're most likely going on defense, get the VSR-10. If you can't afford that, get the M14 spring, which I am guessing is a TSD, which is good and pretty accurate (I've used it before).

    But if you want to go on offense, I suggest a Galaxy MP5k, which runs about $100. If you don't like the MP5k, check out http://www.airsoftgi.com/index.php?cPath=154_155&o... They have a variety of CQB weapons that suit the tastes of everyone.

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