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What would happen if Labour Conservatives and Liberal Democrats all got exactly the same number of votes?

IT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN but I am still curious. what would happen?

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    If they all got 33.3% of the vote (giving the other 0.1% of the vote to other parties), then conservatives would get 208 seats, Labour 317, Lib Dems 101 and 24 seats would be held by the other parties. This would result in a hung parliament, and lib dems would side with labour, as they would have the majority of seats. LIB-LAB coalition government would form, breaking apart in a couple of months and leading to another marvellous general election. Help?

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    Germany was in a mess under the Weimar Republic because so many parties were able to get seats under proportional representation with no real limit. This meant it was hard for the country to have stable government and allowed Hitler to assume power. None of these parties really have anyone who would be able to step up and lead this country properly, so the country would be in a mess. 15 parties had seats in the 1930 election with 11 having over 20. 577 seats were up for grabs so 289 were needed for a majority. The top two parties did not get this number together. The communists and socialists were obviously not going to team up with the nazis, and they were the top three. the two left got 184 seats. With too many parties not having enough power, it was a disaster at a time when they needed strong government. More than likely the queen would ask someone to from a minority government, they would find it difficult to pass new laws and but whoever the executive was, would be able to put pressure on other parties.

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    Maybe a NuLabour-Conservative coalition to keep the LibDems out (rather like what happened in a similar situation after an economic crisis, in 1931)? There are so many things the two old parties agree on and would be anxious to protect: Trident, no amnesty for illegal immigrants, no real proportional representation (which would abolish so many safe Tory and Labour seats)..., no real action against climate change, no withdrawal from Afghanistan, no effective moves against the banking industry... And of course this is not dependent on anything like an equality of voting or of seats, only a realisation by both the traditional parties of how much they have in common, and how little they really want the LibDems to interfere with their 90 year old division of effective power.

    Source(s): The cynicism natural to old age and a correspondingly long acquaintance with British politicians.
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    Assuming the hypothetical three-way split was 30% or so,under the current FPTP system,the Liberal Democrats would get about 100 seats,the Conservatives about 200 and Labour about 300.

    If that happened,Labour would probably look to deal with the LIberal Democrats.

    Big if - Labour are currently third in all the polls.

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    In the event that no party wins the 326 seats needed to form a majority government the convention is that the incumbent prime minister is invited to see if he is able to form an administration. If he cannot and resigns then the party leader with the largest number of seats is invited to form an administration. If no agreement can be formed at this stage the queen could become involved. (

    I would think it highly unlikely for the queen to become involved because if the politicians are unable to resolve this problem among themselves, and have to go back to the electorate soon after the election, they are likely to be severely punished by the electorate.

    It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that the politicians of all parties were saying that they had got the message and were listening to the electorate. The opinion polls appear to be showing that the electorate would prefer a balanced or hung parliament.

    The leader of the Conservative party David Cameron reaction to this is to predict doom and damnation, and his colleague Ken Clarke threatens us with the International Monetary Fund. Some listening.

    Where does the Lib Dems Nick Clegg stand on a balanced parliament? Judging by this article we could have an alliance of the Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid Cymru and the DUP.

    Even before Gordon Brown became prime minister he said that he would be inclusive, that he wanted to use the talents of the country so a hung parliament would not be a problem for him and the Labour Party.

    David Cameron and the Tory’s talk of change, but in fact are simply offering the same old…..

    Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems appear to offer change, but it is conditional.

    Gordon Brown and the Labour Party offer real change. If elected they would give the British People a referendum on how they elect their MP’s. They propose a transferable vote to elect an MP so that every MP would have to secure a minimum of 51% of the vote.

    Labour also proposes to make the Membership of the House of Lords fully elected, from a list by proportional election similar to the way MEP’s are elected.

    So if you want a want to be heard and real change vote Labour.

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    hung Parliament, Brown would start as leader until such time as a deals could be made. This cheats the voter. Think 13 years of Labour and broke, Lib Dem's Socialist as well, so only chance Tory and you will be OK.

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    you are dead right - that would not happen!

    what will happen is that we have to persuade as many people as it takes, that voting labour is the best thing if you really do want to pay a lot extra in national insurance, council tax and get pushed a tax band when they send the snoopers round... i can't possibly know yet what stealth taxes they will squeeze in.

    i just hope that conservatives do get in with a majority - or we are doomed!

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    Parliament would go into melt down, just like a nuclear reactor. Each party would cancel out the other party and the Parliament would self implode leaving behind a big hole all the MPs would be pulled into this hole followed by the voters. Westminster palace would fall into this hole and eventually so would the whole country. It would become a super-sized hole and create inequality's in space time eventually becoming a black hole. The UK would not exist.

    Source(s): I used Albert Einstein's calculations.
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    This is a no-brainer.

    There would be a Lib-Dem/Labour coalition and the IMF would be in Downing Street within 30 days.

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    Well one thing we know is that even conservatives support a government health care system in the UK. Now we know how detached the US Republcian party is with the world.

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