how much does it cost to play dungeons and dragons? casually? seriously?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The advice so far is great, plus since it's 2010, D&D is now more digital and integrated than ever, making their D&D Insider Subscription very much worth it.

    For just ~$5 a month, D&D Insider gives you access to a bunch of cool digital tools and play aids, tons of online Dungeon magazine and Dragon magazine content, the D&D Rules Compendium, and their absolutely coolest and best digitial offering: the D&D Character Builder.

    The CB lets you create any character using *every* single rules book and magazine article that has ever been released for D&D 4th edition. Enormous time-saver, literally thousands of options. And it looks beautiful!

    Here's where you can start exploring all these digitial goodies and learn how to sign up for DDI:

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are just playing, the only things you HAVE to have is the PHB ($20-30, depending on where purchased) and a set of polyhedron dice ($5-8). Probably also a miniature or two ($2-5 each, sets of 4-10 $7-10).

    If you're hardcore, you'll probably want every sourcebook you can afford (well over a couple dozen so far and new ones coming out every couple of months...easily several hundred bucks to get 'em all), several sets of dice, a battlemat ($20 and up depending on size) and eraseable markers ($3 and up depending on numbers and color arrangements), dungeon tiles ($15+ per set), dozens (if not hundreds) of miniatures, fancy condition markers and other such accessories etc.

    Edit: I'd agree that Insider has some cool tools altho some promised ones (especially the online gameboard) have yet to come about. One thing about the Character can download and use it without actually paying for an Insider's just that it will only work of PCs up to 3rd level. If you want to build a character 4th or above, gotta have the unlocked version.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it depends on how you want to play. You'll need some of the basics- the basic books, but unless you're going to be the DM you can usually get away with owning very little. Usually the DM has the resources.

    It can get expensive if you're gonig to buy all your books though- especially buy them new. Some are around $40 each. I've always bought mine used in the past.

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