Anyone have good suggestions for Nintendo DS or Leapfrog style games for a 2 1/2 year old?

Our son LOVES the iphone app games for toddlers but we need to use our phones too and it's also a $400 piece of technology so we'd like to get him something he can play on his own. We were thinking something with a touch screen like a DS would be good or something similar from Leapfrog. Any suggestions?

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    Our just-turned-2 year old has the VSmile handheld. She loves the Elmo game, she can play it by herself. The Care Bears game is also a lot of fun, but she needs help getting the game set up. She also has the Disney Princess and Ariel games and requires a little more assistance with that. Zayzoo (or Zazoo?) is a little too much for her, and the Alphabet Park she doesn't know what to do, although she does know the alphabet. I can't recall the other games she has right now, but there are many to choose from.

    Hope this helps, I'm sure your daughter will love the VSmile!

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    I wouldn't give your son a DS just yet. I gave my 4 year old son one for Christmas and although he can play a lot of the games, the trouble is he gets very frustrated with them and can't handle this emotion. He has already broken his DS out of anger. He has both the Leapster and handheld V-Smile and definitely prefers the V-Smile. The Winnie the Pooh game is great but just make sure you pick games that are at or very close to his age level. The V-Smile is great for teaching, its entertaining and not as frustrating.

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    your almost 3 year old does not need a DS get him a leapfrog if he must have something like that.. Nintendo DS are not made for little kids like that they are really exspensive and they don't teach your child anything.. so go with the Lepfrog stuff at lease that stuff teaches your child something

  • My 2 year old son plays with my 4 year old's Leapster. He especially likes the Pet Pals game.

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