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I need help finding out if Hanna Randall born abt. 1860 in (Missouri or Nebraska) is of Indian Ancestry? Help.?


Hanna Randall is her married name but according to U.S. Census records on one she was born in Missouri and another in Nebraska. I need help and I believe her fathers name was F J Messer according to some death records in Falls City, Nebraska. A mother was not listed. It was also said through the generations that she was of Indian ancestry and I don't know how to confirm this? Someone suggested look on but I dont have it. I would greatly appreciate the help if someone could assist me in this endeavor. Also she was married to John Randall born abt 1854 or 1855 in Ohio.

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    You already asked this question 2 weeks ago and my answer was chosen by voters as Best Answer. You asked about a Hanna Woods one month ago.

    2 weeks ago I used Ancestry and gave you links to look at free census pages that list the family in 1860 MO Census and 1870 NE census. All say the family was "white" and parents born in PA. So you won't find proof of "Indian Ancestry" online. I find none of the family listed in any "Indian" census or "Rolls". Every record on Ancestry points to her NOT having Native American ancestry.

    As stated in earlier answer the name Messer was assigned to a couple of families by the government after Hannah/Hanna was born and none living in MO or NE. Below is a pasted copy of last answer.

    As for what ever death records you are referring to having her father's name initials being F.J. and not William, Hanna's father was out of her household by the time she was 10 so look to see what the name of her mother's Brewer husband was and if the person who informed on those death records was mistaken and got first names mixed up. If the Hanna Randall you seek is any of the Hanna/Hannah that have been found by those of us who have answered your previous questions.


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    Question by Nathan:

    Hello, I was hoping someone using could tell me if Hanna Messer born abt. 1860 in Missouri is possibly on the indian census rolls of the USA and from which tribe if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You..

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    Answer by ancestorseeker:

    Looks like the name Messer was given or assigned to an Native American son, first name "Never" b. abt 1899. in Montana. Parents names are "White Feather" and "Good House".

    One Messer family is in a 1935 and 1937 of a reservation in Wisconsin, the father is "Full Blood- White", mother "Full Blood-(Oneida)" child is "1/2 Blood"

    father-Allen Rockwell Messer

    mother-Samantha (nee Hill) Messer

    son Allen Richard Messer b. 1934 in WI

    Hannah R Messer is in 1870 NE census with mother Hannah Brewer (must be 2nd husband name) b. PA and sister Lucinda Messer age 12. b. MO.

    In 1860 census the family is in MO Polk Co Benton Twsp. Ancestry has surname as Mease, I added a correction to Messer. Lucinda is 2 yrs old, parents William and Hannah both born PA

    The LDS Family Search pilot website has both censuses for(1870) NE and (1860) MO and they have the Messer name correct in their index for 1860.

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    Question by Nathan:

    I saw the 1870 Census record for Missouri and I found Hanna Woods. She is age 10 and this is all I know. I was hoping anyone could tell me anymore information on this person. I believe this is my native american ancestor but I don't know how to get any more information. In 1880 she married John Randall and moved to Nebraska. So if anyone could help me find any information in Hanna Woods, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, all I found was the 1870 census records of Hanna before she was married. I am trying to find what tribe she is from and maybe her parents names. Please help.....

    Thank You

    Answer by ancsestseeker, again voted best answer by voters.

    Looking at the 1880 census for the Randall Family in Richardson Co NE which lists race as white for wife Hanna age 20 b. MO.

    The 1870 MO Cole County Jefferson Twsp census with a Hanna Woods age 10 listed as race "Black" in the household of a William Tore who is Black and his wife and children listed as Mulatto. (1880 William and family has last name Fore still in Jefferson City).

    Are you sure the 1870 Hanna is your 1880 Hanna? There is another married Hanna b. abt 1860 in MO who is listed as Black still in MO. Plus more with the name Hannah.

    There is another 1870 Hanna Woods born in MO age 7 in parents household in St Louis MO. Before the registering of births at a county court house I have seen ages vary for the same person from census and family information by as much as 10 yrs.

    So unless you know your Hanna was living in Cole County before her marriage then you might be looking up the wrong person. By the way where were John Randall and Hanna married?

    As for really finding anything prior to 1870 or any proof the "Black" Hanna was not and was NA probably cannot be proved, at least not with online sources. That kind of research will require going to Richardson Co and Cole Co to do research at churches, libraries and archives.



    So I repeat:....Hanna may or may not have NA ancestry and probably cannot be proved, at least not with online sources. That kind of research will require going to churches, libraries, archives, cemeteries and court houses in the areas she lived.

    Most likely you will never "confirm" NA ancestry but you sure have answers already that says she is not using only so far.

    Good Luck

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