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Do we really need to be reading miranda rights to people like this..Ever?



Not to mention after only 50 minutes of questioning?!?

New footage has been released which appears to show the man charged with trying to blow up a plane on Christmas Day training with al Qaeda in Yemen.

According to ABC News, which obtained and broadcast the tape, the video was produced by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Aqap) - a group formed in January 2009.

He also warned there were others like him ready to strike, according to US officials.

He is shown on the tape making an apparent martyrdom statement in Arabic.

"The enemy is in your lands with their armies, the Jews and the Christians and their agents," he says.

He also reads several passages from the Koran, adding: "God said if you do not fight back, He will punish you and replace you."

On Monday, the British Ambassador to Yemen escaped a suspected al Qaeda bomb attack on the convoy taking him to work.

Tim Torlot had been on his way to the embassy in the Yemeni capital Sana'a when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt threw himself at the vehicles.

Three passers-by were injured and the attacker was killed.


and Yes it was stupid when Bush did it. I opposed Bush when I thought he was dead wrong..on amnesty..on ROE for our troops..Harriet Myers..and more.


@ "If we start picking and choosing" well yeah we sure as hell don't need to pick and choose Foreign Terrorists who just tried to KILL hundreds of innocent Americans and others!!!

Update 2:

And Foreign Terrorists are NOT what makes America, America.

Update 3:

@ "When you allow the government to suspend the rights of any group" These (foreign) savages deserve a speedy Military Trial..a last meal..and a firing squad!

Update 5:

you didn't answer the question fubar.

Update 6:

"A terrorist has no boundary's when it comes to performing feats of horror." Damn right they don't!

Update 7:

"I find it hard to believe people are not being deliberately dishonest in support of the enemy." Unfortunately it's not so surprising these days.

Update 8:

well lobo I agree with the first but I'm not prepared to condemn an entire religion. That said I am still waiting for the peaceful majority we've been told about to stand up and be counted.

Update 9:

But some are speaking out. Listen to this Brave Woman!


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Update 10:

@ #1 - Well that quote may apply to political opponents within our borders but for me it absolutely does Not apply to these foreign savages coming over here and killing our citizens! To Hell with their liberties! and To Hell with them!

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    1. Lets define a terrorist. Forget the left wing libtard bullshit. A TERRORIST is anyone

    who spends their entire day, working on programs and plans on seeing you dead. Or

    large segments of your society Dead. A terrorist has no boundary's when it comes to

    performing feats of horror. If he or she are being pursued they will hide behind your child.

    Hide behind your loved one. Hide behind anything that will enlist stopping negative response

    to their activity. When they have accomplished that, they normally will kill the person they

    have used for the shield.

    A terrorist is someone who wants to further their radical belief and destroy your beliefs.

    Now is this a criminal. Is this a person who if caught should be granted the same rights

    as a citizen of the United States though a slimeball still has rights under our Constitution.


    This is a non recognized military combatant, who is not protected under the Geneva

    Accord, Who is not recognized as a standing uniformed Military member of a recognized

    Nation. So what should be done with this person. When captured or detained, One to the

    head would work. Cap em Bury em. That is the law as recognized by Nations signed onto

    the Geneva Convention. If you are a member of a recognized military organization, and go

    into a foreign country, with the willingness to committ an act of war upon that Nation and are

    not wearing a uniform of a standing military member. You can be shot dead on the Spot.

    NO FNING QUESTIONS ASKED. So why would we want to waste our time with Gitmo

    detainees, and the Underware Bomber, Or KSM. Or any of these people. Why simple, we

    are a Nation of Laws. Therefore by bringing them in front of a Military Tribunal is all that is

    required. If found guilty, Shoot the Bastards and bury em. Now that is a far better practice.

    then kissing their ***, giving them rights they are not entitled to. Possibly losing the case

    and having to turn them loose to kill again.

    So if you guys on the left want this activity. Let them come live with you, when they are


  • bwlobo
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    On Capitol Hill, there's a war being fought over the War on Terror, and so far, Republicans are winning. Or at least they may be winning the Battle of Miranda.

    Even though we can't believe President Obama actually believes anything he publicly says, this is what he told CBS's Katie Couric when she asked, "Should the practice of reading suspected terrorist their Miranda rights be reviewed?"

    "Absolutely," Obama answered. "Everything should be reviewed. It's important for us to recognize," Obama explained, "that when we're dealing with al-Qaida operatives, that they may have national-security intelligence that we need, and it's important to make sure that the processes and procedures we approach with respect to these folks are not identical to the ones we would use if we were apprehending the local drug dealer."

    Translation: Maybe we'll do it differently next time.

    BTW... Franklin Graham is absolutely correct when he said Islam is evil. The TRUTH is important to recognize.

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    as long as the officer has AT LEAST reasonable suspicion (because probable cause is stronger than reasonable suspicion) that the suspect commited the crime the officer does not have to reply to the suspect as to what he is being arrested for. but as soon as the moment the officer is putting on the cuffs he MUST read the suspect the Miranda rights. If the officer does not read the rights to the suspect then whatever the suspect says during interrogation will NOT be used in court and will be thrown out. but NEVER does the person have a right to resist arrest or the officer will slap even more charges on the suspect.

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    Personally I wish USA would lean more toward a "take no prisoners" approach. If we have to capture enemy combatants, I wish we would give them a drumhead military trial (after interrogation) and then shoot them if guilty.


    "Whenever we take away the liberties of those whom we hate

    we are opening the way to loss of liberty for those we love."

    -- Wendell L. Wilkie



    EDIT: My concern is locking people up without bringing any charges. I don't care if we kill them but it is wrong to keep people in prison for very long without due process of bringing charges and having a trial. Thanks to the Patriot Act, they can now do that to US Citizens. Hence my quote. I should have explained it better.

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  • Another way for us to solve this problem is to get our military occupation out of their countries. They do not want us there. Last week there were huge protests in Okinawa by Japanese over the many huge and sprawling US military bases on the island. We are meddling everywhere. Shut down all these bases, get our troops out, and most of these problems would evaporate overnight. Do this and we would no longer have to worry about terror bombers attacking us because the issue that motivated them would be taken away. We are, in a sense, our own worst enemy, or as it was put in Doonsebury "I have met the enemy and it is us."

  • Why do so many people seem to have trouble processing the Centuries old distinctions between crime, war and war-crime?

    You don't arrest enemy soldiers - and war-criminals get processed by MILITARY systems, not civilian courts.

    This is a well-known distinction that predates known history. I find it hard to believe people are not being deliberately dishonest in support of the enemy.

  • Our government will not be knocked off easily, either by terrorists, or its own people. This is a psychological operation against us. If it was not, the event would have been covered up, and the bomber secretly interrogated.

  • 1 decade ago

    Do not forget that the air heads that run this nation,they do not want to hurt Anyones rights, but we as American citizens have to rights, and we are not allow to voice opinions or we are called racists. The mentality that runs this nation is amazing in all the wrong ways......

    Source(s): Evil prevails when good men do nothing
  • R J
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    Andy's right, kick a first and then take names. We got into this under Clinton remember and the airlines got scared of lawsuits, yea they had two going against them. It is time to stop being politically stupid.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We'll go over it again.

    When you allow the government to suspend the rights of any group of people, the government will inevitably abuse that ability to suspend the rights of people. Next thing you know, you have American citizens, arrested in America, held without council for years.

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