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Ordering generic viagra from canada to south africa?

Are you allowed to order this from canada if you have a prescription for the use of a similar medication here in south africa. the company i order from is canadian pharmacy and they do an online medical questionnaire on you. Will this be viewed as a illegal drug or order? I am ordering for own use

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    Do you trust only Canadian online pharmacy? My ex used to order Pfizer's Viagra. It cost him $75 per 8 pills. If you live in South Africa, consider the delivery expenses. I guess, it will be cheaper to order from Europe.

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    7 years ago

    It's easy to buy viagra online but don't buy from the blatant scammers on this site. I found reputable and they will send it without a prescription. Let me know how it goes.

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    After doing some home work to ensure I was about to deal with a reputable outfit, I was very glad with the level of service, and the quality of the product I had ordered. Glad to say I will be doing business with them again and referring them to friends.

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