10 reason why i should join the army? Anyone..?

My family wants me to join the army, My friends want me to join the army. They are all in the army. Really it's so annoying. I dislike our government. I always disagree to all the military decisions are country makes. I am one of those should you say conspiracy theory people, expect it's a little more conspiracy and no theory for me. I don't want to go occupy another countries. Especially for a country that helps fund terrorism in the late 80's and early 90's. I really think America exaggerated terrorism for the only special interest. They wanted to put fear in America, They made the threat of terrorism an illusion.so that way they could say well we need protect you, so lets invade that country. so they can go after the people they really want to get. terrorism was never really a threat to our country. To me wars are almost always based on lies or war propaganda to serve somebody else special interest. look at all the money they spend on soldiers, war, weapons. Why there's a war in our own country that no one sees. millions of poor families with no food. While you have all the weapon contractors and other contractors making money of the war on terrorism. While innocent women and children die by our weapons. The war with Iraq, come on now. of course Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons We sold him that ****, after Ronald Reagan's election.

They also funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion. Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician, They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose. The only people that benefit from this war are the politicians and corporate America. Nobody never finds out the truth because cooperate media is working with them. to me America raped the middle east and gave birth to a demon. I won't trade humanity for patriotism, Those are my reason why i would never fight for this country. I could keep on going, but who's going to read this.


My info is pure fact. I've watched and listen to ex C.I.A, ex military officials, and ex politicians get up and speak about all this. They are all ex because they quit. They quit because they were once involved in it and went against it. They spoke out to the public. That's no funking conspiracy, I watched it come out of there mouths.

Update 2:

I just wanted some reason why anybody would join the army. Also, im not saying there isn't terrorism, or there isn't a threat in other parts of the world, but originally terrorist were called freedom fighters. They mainly starting only fight against the government in their own country. Governments that didn't allow freedom to their people. Before terrorism was ever a threat to America, they actually helped us in wars. like the soviet union. They were major players in that war.

Update 3:

Them other people started rising up and using the Muslim religion for violence. They took the idea and wanted to take over through out the world using Islam. When America started exaggerating the threat of terrorism. They seen it as an opportunity to use it for fear. Scare tactics.

Update 4:

I am thankful for our army in the past. for fighting for freedom and our independence, but this is a new war.

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    So u disagree with us fighting for our independence? Fighting to keep our independence? Fighting to keep our country whole? Fighting agaisnt the japs who attacked us? Fighting against Nazi Germany? Fighting against those who attacked us on 9/11?

    There is 1 reason to join: because u want to protect the freedoms that you are obviously enjoying. U forgot a reason not to join though: because u don't want to, and the military would be better off without u.

    Source(s): Former 82nd airborne- enjoy your freedom of speech... I, and others like me, have fought for it and will continue to do so.
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    Reasons To Join The Army

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    This Site Might Help You.


    10 reason why i should join the army? Anyone..?

    My family wants me to join the army, My friends want me to join the army. They are all in the army. Really it's so annoying. I dislike our government. I always disagree to all the military decisions are country makes. I am one of those should you say conspiracy theory people, expect it's a...

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    While your concern for your friend's well-being is admirable, the decision to serve is his to make, not yours. He has chosen to not only serve you, but also everyone else, and that's an honorable thing to do. A soldier's primary duty is to follow orders. As he follows those orders, he is being trained to become a leader. As a soldier, it would not be his place to question the legitimacy of those orders. If you're basing the legitimacy of this war on the number of causalties/ fatalities, then no war would be worth fighting. The United States wouldn't exist. The revolutionary war would have never happened. How would you feel about being a British, or French, or Spanish citizen over being an American? Or how would you feel about being an American Indian? If you are a true friend, honor and respect his decision. Support him in everything he does.

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  • 10 years ago

    meet new people

    use guns

    tanks, and other armored vehicles

    money bonuses

    college help

    retirement plan

    health plan


    feel proud to serve


    but since you dont really want to join dont do it, its about a 8 or 6 year requirment i believe, even though they say 4 they add about 2 more years. If you dont believe nor support the gov then dont join. Army is tough place, think about it before you leave your normal life for the army lifestyle and dont plan on seeing your friends and family for long periods of time. and depending on your job in the army, theres risk of dying

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    - meet great people along the way

    - training that will stay with you forever

    - Decent pay

    - free dental,medical,accommodation and food

    - healthy lifestyle

    - Adventurous. instead of sitting behind a desk 6 hours a day

    - challenge your self

    -get toknow your self and what you can do

    - benefits after u resighn (not sure what i think medical but not 100% sure)

    - if you love the outdoors its good job to have

    - if you die its for a reason


    im going to be joining the australian army when im older, 2nd highest paid army and im aiming special forces.

    one thing i go by is "do what you want to do and what ur expected to do" if u want to be a accountent or somthing then go ahead dont let anyone stop you from living the life you want

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    10 years ago

    If you don't want to join the army then harden up and tell them no.

    but the main reason for joining is camaraderieie

  • 10 years ago

    whatever dude. i'm satisfied and well taken care of by the u.s. government. at the end of the day my concerns aren't what the government's true intentions are...they're when's next pay day, how long will i continue to be able to stay in the service as the care for my wife and child with the commodities provided to me that allow me to do so. i got a roof over my head, a steady pay check, health insurance coverage. I REALLY DON"T CARE. so don't join if you disagree, whatever your reasons are. it is your life.

  • 10 years ago

    lol! if you need 10 reasons to join the military then maybe it isn't for you. don't give in to peer pressure!

  • 10 years ago

    pls join the army and die thx

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