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What day is Irish national holiday Daniel O'Donnell day this year?

Poem below to explain question:

Daniel O'Donnell day

Oh there is a man that is mighty slow,

I hear him sing a tune,

The ladies surely love him,

They want to do him in his room.

The oldies all adore him,

But I wonder why,

Is it his innocents?

Or the way he makes us-

Want to cry.

I tried to image him as sexy,

But I could not,

Kiss this poor man,

His nose may fall off.

So now there is a day for him,

What can I saw?

The day this happens,

I’ll be living far far away.

By Crazygirl.

So what day is this Irish national holiday on?

Cheers for answers.


image should be imagine.

Type error

Update 2:

I am serious. I saw it in the "Naria Express" this morning. Did I mention I was a first class student of the great Irish professor Alan M.

All my theories steam from him.

So when is this National Holiday taking place in Ireland.

Cheers for answers

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    It should be 12 December which is his birthday although that is too close to Christmas, we need a BH in the summer not the winter

    Thought you might like this new song he's just released he's not as innocent as you think lol

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your kidding right ?

    Source(s): me
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