I'm wondering if it looks like my friend has strong enough ties to get a V-2 Tourist visa to the united states?

I have a friend from the Philippines that wants to come to the united states with a V-2 tourist visa for her vacation before she accepts her job offers back home. The plan is she will stay at my home for a few weeks and i'll tour here around Texas and Oklahoma to see the canyons , and lakes and pretty much get the entire united states culture going on. She did the same for me in the Philippines when i went to that country.

Right now the only thing we have to go by to show the consul is. Shes a 21 year old girl , with around 1k- 1500 in u.s. currency which she just inserted into a bank account she created very recently maybe a week ago , she just graduated from a 4 year college with a business administration degree, and received a job offer from her brother to be a manager in one of his well known restaurants which is a great tourist attraction. Right now shes supported by her mom and step dad and lives with them and her brother and sister also help out there mom. She is very close to her family and her brother and sister lives near by.She currently isn't holding a job.

Does this sound like strong enough ties to get her a 20 - 30 day visa . I was planning on writing her and notarizing a letter of invitation, and the amount of money she has is perfect because she staying at my home and i'm not going to charge room and board because when i visited her and her family they let me stay in there guest room free of charge.


Also she this would be the first time she left her country

Update 2:

Also my mistake it is a B-2 Visa

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    people here can give you their own opinions on this but in reality, our opinions don't matter much. it's up to the interviewing officer to decide that. the law requires applicants to prove their ties and intentions to the satisfaction of the individual interviewing officer. If she's single, just graduated from school and actually hasn't started working yet, she may well have difficulties proving her intentions to the consular officer. but that's not an absolute given. it really depends on how she presents herself, and other factors, like whether she's traveled outside of the Philippines previously, among other things.

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    the only question i will see in this placed up is "is this (the U. S. visa coverage) insane???" and the respond is, no. US Consular officers are extremely clever, notably knowledgeable foreign places provider officers who base their judgements on well-known protocol and winning in-u . s . situations. The non-immigrant visa refusal fee is as intense as that is for a similar reason the Ukraine is merely not turning out to be a member of the ecu Union any time quickly - rampant fraud and arranged crime. A joint US/Ukrainian learn in 2002 confirmed that: the many times used gross revenues interior the Ukraine became US$30/month; over 32,000 Ukrainian women individuals have been listed in approximately 2 hundred "marriage" businesses; and a pair of thirds of all youthful women individuals surveyed suggested that they needed to bypass in another country and have been hoping to marry a Western guy to maintain them from their problems. i'm guessing you have never been to the Ukraine and met your close own chum, so which you have not extremely considered what that is like in Odessa. submit to in recommendations that even a ideal-ranked physician interior the former Soviet Union basically makes approximately US$500 a month; ask your self - the place did she get the money to purchase an house for funds (and no, i don't think of that is from working in a wellbeing facility the place sufferers nevertheless could desire to bribe docs and nurses with funds and alcohol with the intention to get scientific care, or from treating pimples section time)? consistent with threat there is extra validity to the visa coverage than you think of.

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    10 years ago

    its called a B-2 ... her chances of success are slim ...

    but there is a chance

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