Why do conservatives deny the racist background of the AZ immigration law?

The bill was introduced by Russell Pearce, an AZ state senator. A few years ago he circulated an email that called for and supported a white nationalist organization and power structure, he later repealed the email and apologized for it. He has also been featured in campaign literature for a National Socialist, Neo-Nazi group, and has posed for pictures with one of their leaders.

The bill was written by a Chris Kobach, a candidate for the Kansas Secretary of State and a member of the board of directors of FAIR (Federation of American Immigration Reform). FAIR was founded by John Tanton, a white supremacist who has written extensively about the "perils" to a the white population from minorities. FAIR is also funded, in part, by the Pioneer Fund, an organization that promotes the Darwinian-Galtonian theory of eugenics, or basically the racial superiority of white people. FAIR is taking credit on it's website for helping Kobach to write the bill.

These are facts about the history of this bill, if you do not believe me do some research and post it here to prove me wrong.

With this type of background how can anyone deny the racist implications of the bill itself?

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    Because they agree with it. They are for Liberty, but not when it comes to controlling the brown people. Even if it infringes on Americans rights, see wireless wire taps, torture, the patriot act, and now this by 1960's Alabama, sorry Arizona.

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    The fact about the history of checking IDs of hispanic people to make sure they are legal is that it was done in the 60s by Eisenhower. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_ W3tback (you have to replace the 3 with an E thanks to our PC culture.)

    If you don't know who Eisenhower is, he commanded the victorious armies who fought the Nazi's in this thing called WW2.

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    proud American latina~Respect our laws why is it so hard for you to get that's all we want! stop bringing your mess across the border ,stop shooting at our cops and border patrols,stop kidnapping family's from US soil Stop allowing Illegal Immigrants to die in the back of airless trucks,stop killing property owners in our country,stop home invasions,stop just stop!the Arizona bill reflects our federal bill if they would just enforce it it would not be a problem today.PS this does not let you Libs off the hook for that damn health care bill we have not forgotten that mess either!

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    Is every bill written or voted on by Robert Byrd part of a KKK conspiracy?

    Several Obama appointees and Czars are communists, criminals or maoists is what they work on tainted?

    The Law it self has nothing discriminatory in it

    With out even looking up your facts i have given you a dilemma

    I can agree with you that this bill is bad by association if you agree to all the other bills like say health care reform that is bad by association

    or we can say that on its face the bill is not discriminatory regardless of its origins.

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  • Liberal AssKicker , just a link for you to read...


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    Hey, How about those "La Raza" guys. Nothing racist about them. Please read the Bill.

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    Liberals think everything is racist, so really when you talk about racism no one really listens anymore.

    There's a reason why "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" is a timeless classic.

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    You aint playin homeboy. Us mexicans will own your whole country since you americans dont have the guts to enforce your own laws. Si si puede!

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    Wow if you have that much time to investigate something how about using it on something important?

    like the communist origins of 0bama Healthcare

  • 1 decade ago

    Too bad your research only takes you so far, go back and do some more please

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