Help achieving a Lucid dream?

When you are trying to achieve a lucid dream, do you try to force what you want to dream about?

Or do you just let yourself fall asleep and let it go from there?

When i sleep, i just blank out i can't remember a thing.

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    10 years ago
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    The best way to achieve a lucid dream, which I have tried and tested, is this. You most likely will not have one right away, but after I'd say a week of doing this you can get some good results.

    First, start a dream journal. Starting one will prompt some dreams, assuming you are getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep per night. It might seem corny, but this is the best way to do it.

    When you have a dream, get up in the morning and write down everything you remember in story format. Be sure to write everything in the PRESENT tense. This will start to activate areas of your brain by making an adjustment by taking random events and creating sense out of them.

    Keep doing this. After about a week, you should begin to have more dreams where you can control what happens. KEEP WRITING. Keep the journal going, and if you do this, eventually you will get to a place where you can be a master of your own domain every time you go to sleep; you can go to places you never thought were possible and have a great memorable adventure every night. :)

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  • 10 years ago

    No, you can't force a dream, although you CAN increase its likelihood by spending more mental activity on it and repetitions, especially before you sleep. E.G. try thinking about "eggs" and think of it in however many ways you can before you sleep and most likely you'll have dreams about eggs in one form or another...

    As far as having a lucid dream, it's a gradual process. I'm assuming you want to be aware of your dreams and to have more control over them? or maybe just have memories of them?

    First step you should try to take is just simply tell yourself that "I will remember my dream tonight" before you sleep.

    We always remember our dream the moment we wake from them, as brain activity in REM are very similar to wakefulness, and I'm sure you had those moments where you KNOW you used to remember but now can't. So second step is, have a dream diary. Just have paper and a writing utensil next to you, and record your dreams immediately whenever you wake up, either in the morning or whenever you happen to wake. It's not long, you don't have to write the whole story, maybe even just simple keywords or something to jog your memory. Or you can just recite the dream when you wake and make sure to commit it to short-term memory to allow consolidation.

    Lucid dreaming, which I think you mean having control in your dreams, comes after you've familiarize yourself with dreaming and then just do the mental goal thing of "I will produce an action in my dreams tonight" or something.


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  • 10 years ago

    It completely depends on your physiology and biochemistry. You either have the ability or you don't. Lucid and vivid dreams are most commonly experienced by light sleepers like myself, and by the way you described your sleeping pattern, it seems that you are a deep sleeper- the type that could sleep through an earthquake.

    However, you COULD eat something strange, go through a caffiene crash, or watch a really disturbing, scary, or thought provoking movie right before bed, and that could do something to your dreaming abilities, but that's just what I do to enhance the vividness of my dreams. Sleeps right after Marijuana tokes could also induce some nightmarish effects, but I highly advise against it.

    All in all, I'll reiterate the point again- you either have it or you don't. Sorry bud. :/

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