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Does a Foley Catheter cause pain and bleeding?

I had a urethra dilation done and then I had a foley catheter inserted. On the way home from the doctors I had severe pain where the catheter was. I called the doctors and they gave me Lortab but this did not help the pain. The next day I still had the pain but I began urinating blood, I then went to the ER where they prescribed me stronger pain medication and removed the catheter and after a couple days the pain was gone? I am wanting to know what could have caused all that?

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    I am a student nurse and have done foley catheters alot, A few things could have happened, 1. the person who put it in and did not lubricate it properly literally scraping the inside of your urethra and making it bleed i have seen this happen. 2. They could have blown the foley balloon up in your urethra no bladder cause they didnt stick the tube in far enough and cause damage. 3. infection and 4. They could have not fully removed all of the water from the foley balloon and caused trauma when they pulled it out


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    cystocopy is going in to the urethra with a tube and a microscope to look at the bladder.

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