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Air force vs army for registered nurse?

Hello everyone! I always wanted to join the military but I don’t know which military is better for RN to join, the army or air force. I hold BSN degree with two years experience at a nursing home. I’ll be meeting a recruiter from both branch and I am sure that I will be given a lot of good information but I also want to hear from people who have been in the service. Are there any pros and cons? Please, tell me your experiences!!!

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    pretty much the job will be the same,

    Although a army nurse has longer deployments.

    Officer promotions are the same in all service branch's, by law officers in each service branch must all be promoted at the same time zone in service, regardless of what job they do or what service branch they are in.

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    Air Force has a much easier life then the Army. I do not know how fast promotions for nurses are in the Air Force. In enlisted the promotions are faster in the Army. I would talk to active duty nurses in both services to see what way to go.

    Source(s): 21 years Army
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