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Why isn't their an award show for regular people?

I think that celebrities have enough award shows. Why can't regular people who do good things get awards where the celebrities vote for them.

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    The ceelebrities actually don't care about us. As long as they are in the limelight, and getting millions for their talent, they are happy.

    Do you really think that celebrities would watch a program about us regular people? When they have some grand opening, dinner with the pres of some place, or a personal appearance that they have to do or not get a part in an upcoming movie? Which would you chose to go to?

    Now the question, is why don't WE have this for ourselves? But who is going to run it, get the sponsors, and take care of the fund raising for it? Do you have the time?

    I wish someone would start such a thing, but we are all wound up in our own lives, and don't have time for this.

    Ever since I read what Jennifer Lopez said after she made the movie: Maid In Manhattan, I have been a little down on celebrities. She said: She made it for all of the *LITTLE* people. And my friend, that is you and me. Nice huh? But it doesn't stop me from wanting her movies or watching them.

    And this is for all of the *little* people out there! {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}


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    who'd watch it. Who would sponsor it? It's all about money

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