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The store that my boyfriend is the manager of is closing. They offered him a job elsewhere for extremely less pay and we were wondering if he could just refuse it and collect unemployment and look for a better job? We live in Florida. Please don't be mean... that's not what I am here for. Thanks.


Actually, they wanted him to work at random stores all over town whenever they needed him, where ever they needed him... so the gas cost would go up... and it is an extreme inconvenience and his pay would decrease only to make him be their *****... It is obvious to me that they are trapping him in with no way to get unemployment. If he is working at all these different stores at the hours they want, he literally wont have time or be able to look for another, better job. They are screwing him big time!!!

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    Normally, your boyfriend would not be eligible for unemployment benefits because he quit. If, however, the new store is considerably farther away from where he is currently working/living, he might be able to apply for benefits. As you didn't mention that in the question, however, that's probably not the case. If the reason he will be making less pay is because his hours will be cut significantly, he might be eligible for partial unemployment if he remains at the new position.

    I would advise him to take the new job for more reasons than not being eligible for unemployment.

    1) It's possible that he will be transferred again to another store in the near future as a manager again.

    2) It's always easier to get a new job if you're employed. Employers are not comfortable hiring people who quit their last job even though they had no new job lined up. They'd wonder about the reason and probably pass on the application.

    So as much as it must be a blow to his ego and his budget to be demoted through no fault of his own, he's better off taking the job and then begin searching for another one immediately.

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    The state will figure out his wages and if he has enough wages to qualify for benefits. He must have enough wages earned in the last 18 mos to qualify. If he does qualify and is granted benefits (I'm assuming he was laid off?), he will then receive 50% of his wages spread out over 26 weeks (or until he gets another job.) It sounds like his best bet is to go get another job. Unemployment pays very little and he will have submit weekly work searches, etc...on a weekly basis to keep receiving his benefits. It really is much easier and more profitable to get a job.

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    If he refuses the transfer then technically he is quitting and not entitled to unemployment

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