why can't my pc connect to my mac airport with the same password?

we have a mac airport that the mac connects to fine - I have a new PC netbook and it can see the mac network but won't accept the same password (it wan't a longer password in hexidecimal?)

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  • 10 years ago
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    You are using an airport that only WEP and your PC takes only WPA. WEP is rubbish and can be hacked in two minutes. Buy a new router.

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  • louit
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    3 years ago

    do no longer concern - it appears like they only prefer to get some funds out of you. you ought to use any on the spot router with a Mac. I at present have countless Macs and countless different computers working off of your run-of-the-mill linksys router. To get the Mac related, all you ought to do is pass in the process the comparable steps you went by to get your laptop related. it quite is, turn the Mac on, test for networks, discover yours, enter your WEP/WPA key, and connect. Whoever advised you which you will no longer use 2 modems nevertheless grew to become into maximum appropriate.

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  • 10 years ago

    if the mac connects fine to the same network. Check the password and try again. Maybe you are putting in the wrong password.

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