Who is the ruling class in Mexico (Europeans)?

Ok, in the U.S. with its European ruling class, there was what was once called "the indian problem" and the solution for the Europeans was to to put the indian population in reservations and that was that.

Now, in Mexico, the ruling party is also European and has ITS "indian problem" but their solution was not to put them on reservations, but to make the system so difficult for them that they will want to leave to others countries.

So in Mexico is it indiginous rulers making life hard on indiginous citizenry? Or corrupt Euros making life hard for the indiginous folk?

Almost like a sick game...EURO VS EURO (USA vs MEX)...which european ruling class can amass the most wealth.

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  • 10 years ago
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    They are so corupt. I would have to say the drug lords and thugs.

  • 10 years ago

    The ruling class in Mexico is typically Mexicans of full or mostly European descent.

    You just answered your question, it's the European ruling class that corrupts Mexico and keeps it down. That's why here in the US we end up getting all your "Indios" that couldn't make it in their own countries.

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