Justin Bieber on Tap Tap Revenge 3?

How do you get like baby or sumthing?? becuz my friends tell me u hav to go thru levels to get it and its free but i seriously doubt a Justin Bieber song is free.. Help?

BTW- its for ipod touch :D

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Yea, all the Justin Bieber songs aren't free except for Baby, which is available in the tap tap store. You don't even have to go through any level actually. Here's how you download it:

    1. make sure your wireless is on and you're already connected to the internet.

    2. when you get on tap tap revenge 3, tap the "Tap Tap Store" button next to the coins.

    3. choose "Tap Tracks"

    4. Scroll down the page (slowly) until you see "100+ FREE TRACKS? TAP HERE NOW!". Tap that.

    5. from the list, tap "Free Music"

    6. Scroll down until you see "Baby (feat.Ludacris)", tap that

    7. Lastly, tap "Tap to download and play"

    And that's it! enjoy :D

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