In North America, female vegetarians outnumber male vegetarians by nearly 2:1? Why do you believe this is so?

I realize that this is a long article, and I apologize for that. However, it does bring up some very interesting possible explanations for WHY there seem to be far more female vegetarians than male vegetarians (at least in North America).

Follow-up (but related) question: considering all the possible reasons for becoming a vegetarian, which do YOU feel are more likely to be cited by women than by men?

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  • 10 years ago
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    The article turned me off when it predictably said that women are more proactive about their health than men by showing statistics of average annual doctors' visits of men and women. There are many obvious reasons for the disparity. Pregnancy alone could cause a woman to go to the doctors' triple the number of times men go assuming those numbers are correct. I've also read somewhere that women get 91% of cosmetic procedures.

    I think both men and women can be very shallow, and may worry about their health for cosmetic reasons; but men would likely use exercise and a balanced diet whereas women are probably more likely to try fad diets including vegetarianism.

    Skimming the article, I believe just about all of those reasons each add a little to the disparity.

  • 3 years ago

    to 3 degree ingesting meat fairly steak is marketed as being a "manly" meal and ingesting tofu (in spite of the fact that there is different selections) isn't. Stereotype: once you're vegetarian you're a wimp. no longer my opinion yet i might guess men who do make this determination capture much extra cr*p than women for no longer ingesting meat. I only know 2 men that are vegetarian neither are wimpy looking yet they're think of outdoors the field human beings.

  • 10 years ago

    It's really hard telling... They say women don't eat meat, because of health issues, and animal rights...

    They say men do eat meat for strength, and "how dare they" have any feelings for those cute adorable little critters...O.o

    Personally, I do eat meat, because I believe in the "circle of life". I believe that with a healthy balance of all food groups, you're more likely to be healthy than completely cutting out a part of the food group.

    Vegetarians eat carbs, and carbs transfer to sugars, and sugars [if left unburned] transfers to fat...which will end up at the arteries just as fast as eating a T-bone steak.

    I call BS on the portion of the article that questioned the validity of meat/protein as capable of building strength... Body builders eat proteins, because protein burns fat, builds muscle and makes a person leaner and stronger.

  • 10 years ago

    Let's see...

    A man would look at a furry critter or colorful bird (rabbit, pheasant, duck) and think, "That would definitely taste good."

    A woman would look at the same creatures and think "What a pretty animal, it should fly/roam free or cuddle in my lap."

    Therefore, a woman is more likely to be a vegetarian.

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