Do Americans not understand how much money they'll save slowing down?

I think people in the USA have NO CLUE how much gas they are wasting by speeding. I was getting 26MPG drving 70-80mph, now I drive 58mph and get 37MPG. Im saving $1000 a year in gas on my 70 mile commute!! Why needs a hybrid? I drive a 200HP car and get 37mpg, the average civic automatic can get 45mpg if driven right.


What really irks me is these speeders are CAUSING high gas prices, yet they don't realize it. Supply and demand. Here in MN gas prices dropped when people started driving less, but when that happened they just started driving more because gas was cheaper. Well, most of them

Update 2:

Trucks benefit MOST from slowing down..try it! I get 26mpg when towing my 1000LB jet ski if that helps. Also-mister "valuable time" -you fail to add in the additional wear on your car - and I dont get paid when I'm home so that time means nothing to me. Arguing speeding is a time saver is foolish-look at your average speed. With traffic I found out agressive driving just causes accidents and doesnt save time at all. I love seeing someone risk life and limb (not just theirs) to race across lanes only to be right where I am because traffic stops. I'll take the REAL money in my pocket and you keep your valuable 10 minutes a day-

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  • 10 years ago
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    Wow that's good to know. I have a 60 mile commute, and go about 75 MPG on the highway. I'll try slowing down

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  • Fly B
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    10 years ago

    It varies from person to person. You're saving $1,000 per year, but what is time worth?

    I average 60,000km/yr. Averaging 80km/h (between city and highway driving) I spend a total 750 hours, or 31 days. If I speed (which I do) by 15km/h, I now have an average of 95km/h. Speeding, I spend 631 hours on the road, equal to about 24 days.

    So, I'm not talking reckless driving, I'm just pushing the speedometer a little bit above the limit. In fact, I've never heard of a ticket being issued for anything less than 20km/h over, and true to fact I've driven past police cars and speed traps at 15 over without being ticketed.

    So... only a small increase, safety not compromised, police don't pull me over, and I gain 7 days more time to my year. $1,000 in savings just doesn't seem worth it to me. I've no intention of slowing down.

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  • 3 years ago

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  • yeah you have a really good point here if you really went from getting 26mpg to getting 37mpg but personally i think driving really fast is worth the extra money and gas because its fun

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  • Dimo J
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    10 years ago

    People value time and comfort, and are willing to pay for both.

    You are complaining about people who value time more than you do.

    70 miles, at 75mph, 26mpg, $3/gallon = 56 minutes / $8.08

    70 miles, at 58mph, 37mpg, $3/gallon = 72 minutes / $5.68

    You save $2.40 at a cost of a quarter hour of your free time. You value your free time at less than $10/hour. I place a value on my free time of $30/hour.

    However, from my point of view *you* are a fuel waster. I ride a 650cc motorcycle and get 60mpg at 75 mph. You place more value on your comfort than on saving fuel.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Great job explaining how speed inversly affects mileage.

    Now let's see you pull a small tractor behind your Civic. Or load up 200' of fencing and materials in your car.

    Nope, when your V8 only gets 15mpg to begin with it really doesn't matter how much speed reduces your efficiency.

    Source(s): Big, old, loud pickup.
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