Non-paid maternity leave? How do I survive?

I am due in September and will be off work for 6 weeks, I am single, and this is my 2nd child. Does anyone know of some agencies, resources, ways to get help to pay my bills while im off work? I am aware of Section 8, food stamps, and all that, but, I need help with car payments, insurance, utilities. Please if anyone has experience with this, tell me what works! I live in the state of Oklahoma.

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    The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) can provide financial help, food, and medical care to low-income Oklahomans. They can provide pregnant women with basic health care coverage, and children under 19 can be eligible for medical benefits. DHS can provide temporary support for meeting basic needs, training leading to employment, and day care assistance for qualified families with children.

    Also, Oklahoma Pregnancy resource centers (also called Pregnancy Crisis Centers), which are non-profit service agencies that assist pregnant women and encourage continuation of a pregnancy, offer assistance. These centers may also assist in providing maternity and infant clothing, diapers, formula, baby food, and access to a network of public and private community programs that assist pregnant women with housing, food, medical treatment, legal aid, childcare assistance, and educational opportunities.

    Finally, there is WIC, which provides nutritious foods for women, infants, and children, referrals to health and human services, breastfeeding support, and immunizations at some clinics.

    As far as other bills you may have to deal with, call the service provider ahead of time and see what you can do to work with them to get your bills paid. They are more likely to help you out if you reach out to them proactively.

    You should also be getting financial support from the sperm donor, If you're not, find legal aid assistance to get paperwork filed to force him to help support his child.

    Good luck!

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    Does your office offer donated sick time? Maybe ask fellow employees. Most state agencies do.

    As for utilities, call and tell them the situation some will let you pay that period's bill in installments over time, at least I had one friend who was able to work something out. I'd assume the most places you are paying would rather have reduced/late payments if they know the situation up front. Its worth a try, anyway. Some may have assistance programs as well, our local utility company does. Good Luck.

    eta: I'd thought about disability insurance but assumed it was too late once you're pregnant

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    If your based in the uk you can go to job centre and apply for maturnity pay. You only get £123 a month but better than nothing!! You need to apply before you are 23 weeks gone !

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    holly crap Tracey Seth you have to be the biggest inconsiderate SOB.. not everyone has a job where they can save. You know some people actually have to live pay check to paycheck just to have the necessities to live and barely have enough money to get back to work.. it must be nice to be in a complete FU life style.

    anyways I looked up your situation and the law says you can still work.. a couple of hours a week if your boss allows it. also someone asked this question.. ty goolgle!!! I really hope this helps you.. GL


  • Check to see if your job offers short-term disability; if they do, maternity leave is normally accepted for you to collect benefits.

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    It may be too late but try to sign up for disability insurance. that pays like 60% of your wage for 6 weeks, but you would have to pay for the coverage.

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    It's called working as much as possible, saving your vacation time if you get it, and paying ahead as much as you can on your bills.

    Why in the world should anyone be expected to pick up the slack for your lack of planning? That's essentially what you are doing when you have your hand out asking for 'help' from other agencies ESPECIALLY when you have the audacity to have a second child OUT OF WEDLOCK and no husband to help you. ( Do understand I am assuming you are like most of the single mothers who in 2008 had 40.6% of the children born out of wedlock. If you have been married and your husband has died, then you have my sympathies and compassion. Otherwise, forget it)

    You want to go solo with raising kids by yourself, then go solo and don't expect anyone else to help out.

    Where's the deadbeat of the father who impregnated you? Ask HIM for help with your bills, not us.

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    get maternity allowance or income support

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