how man veterinarians are vegetarians?

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  • 10 years ago
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    A non-vegetarian veterinarian is one thing in this world that I will never ever understand.

    I used to work at a vet clinic and I was the only vegetarian/vegan!

    It's really strange seeing someone save one animals life and then 10 minutes later turn around and eat another animal for lunch.

    Heres how one vet feels about it:

    And a response:

  • 10 years ago

    From vet school experience and getting to know many veterinarians, there are very few. Out of a school of 300 I would say there are less than 20 and I have only met one veterinarian that is a vegetarian.

    Source(s): Vet student
  • 4 years ago

    It's not hard/unhealthy to become a vegetarian. It can actually be much healthier. There are healthier ways of getting the protein without eating meat. You can eat rice and beans, chick peas, edamame, cheese, vegetarian chili, nuts, avocado. There are a lot of ways to supplement the protein which you would be missing out on from meat. You can also take certain vitamins which are great for vegetarians, like B12. You can eat eggs. I became a vegetarian at age 12 and a lot of my family was a bit weird about it but it was a choice I made. Good luck!! If you have any other questions, you are welcome to message me! =)

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    Lol, I was actually planning on becoming a veterinarian for a while. But in the end I decided I would rather study medical sciences. :)

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  • Because Cats and Dogs are domesticated animals in the US.

    Source(s): And not all horses are breeding horses, some people eat them in France.
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