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How I can note the best answer?

How I can note the best answer?

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    For your own questions:

    Once your question has been posted for at least 4 hours, you will see the blue "Choose as Best Answer" button by each answer. After 4 hours have elapsed, just go to your question, then to the answer you want to choose, and click on that button, and follow the steps. If you haven't gotten the answer you need, you can give it a few more days just in case you get more answers, and one that might be better. You can ONLY do this BEFORE time runs out, and your question is still open for answers. If not, your question goes to voting for the community (other Y!A users) to vote for Best Answer. Once that happens, any answer can get the votes.

    Voting for Best Answer for Undecided Questions (Other members' questions):

    Go to any category or sub-category and click on the "Vote Undecided questions" tab. Then click on questions to vote, look over the answers and click "Vote as Best Answer". Your vote will be counted, but the answer you voted for won't necessarily get the most votes. Do not allow your own questions to go to voting as you will have no control over which answer gets the most Best Answer votes.

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    Return to the question a minimum of four hours after asking your question, click the best answer button below the answer you choose then follow the prompts to rate and comment. it's always a good idea to do that because asking the question cost you 5 points and you will get 3 points back for choosing the best answer. After four days if you haven't chosen best answer it goes to voting and the community chooses.

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