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Auditioning for entertainment companies in Korea?

I plan on auditioning, but I don't know which companies would be best. I also have some questions that I hope someone can answer in full detail. And I'm just going to be blunt with all my info (sorry if it sounds like I'm vain or bragging). Btw I'm a girl, 17 yrs old. Comments/constructive criticism would be good too.

1. How much does it help if I know how to play an instrument? I've played piano for 9 years, guitar for 3 years. I can improvise easily.

2. I've never had any vocal training. My singing voice is quite strong and I'm confident that it's above average, but I have trouble hitting high notes. I probably rap better than I can sing and I'm fairly good at freestyle--how much does rapping matter when I audition?

3. Apparently looks matter a lot in the K-pop industry, so I don't think I will be auditioning for SM. I want to know the percentage ratio of how much talent matters vs. looks for other companies though. I'm Asian and I have very pale skin, but very "average" looking..Probably another thing I should mention is that I have a tomboy personality which means I don't dress very like a girl. Although not to the extent of Amber from f(x), you can easily tell I'm not a boy either (because of my facial features). When auditioning, am I supposed to dress a certain way, or just wear whatever I normally do? And because I'm a tomboy, does it bias the judges' judgement because of my looks (because looks matter?)? And what does YG and DSP(Daesung Entertainment) look for the most?

4. The biggest problem I have is that I don't know how to dance. So that pretty much blows my chances with JYP. Is dancing ability a required talent for all auditions?

5. Once signed with a company, do all companies allow people to still pursue college or go to universities? I know there are K-pop singers who are in universities, but with all the scheduling, training, etc., it seems like there won't be enough time for everything.. How is it possible? And don't give me a lecture on "oh well once you're already signed with a company, why should education matter anyway?" I don't want to hear that because I DO take education very seriously, and this is the question that matters most to me. So do they or do they not allow you to make your own priorities for education?

OK thanks!

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    1. i don't think they will really care if you could play a instrument because mostly everyone who is korean knows how to at least play one instrument really well because there parents made them take lessons when they were little. but then you know when your in TV shows if you debut and stuff maybe they'll ask you to show your talent and you could play an instrument for them, and if you play really GOOD then your fans will probably like you more.

    2. you seem really confident i like that, anyways because you can't sing high songs you should choose songs that are not that high..if you know what i mean? you could rap too, im pretty sure they will like that.

    3. yes looks really matter in te KPOP industry and if you don't have the looks they might let you get plastic surgery/minor plast sugery so itwon't be noticeable that you actually got plastic surgery so you won't have neitzens or however you spell it on your backs, making scandals, and spreading rumours that you got plastic surgery. haha if you dress like that, i think they might want to change the way you dress but i don't think they will force you to dress how they want you to when your a trainee unless there trying to promote you before you debut like modeling, acting, or dancing for another famous person like BoA or Lee Hyori. YG and DSP entertainment look for talent more then looks but then..its sort of controversial because After School all of them are really pretty. And when you adutiion i don't think you should dress really tomboyish just wear a plain shirt with some designs and jeans, because they might think wrong and not want to make you a trainee unless you have potential...i think you do have potential (:

    4. haha don't worry! there gonna train you how to dance, thats what all the hard and long years are for. nah dancing ability is not required in auditions but they do play a song for you when you audition and you have to dance to it, but if you don't want to you could just sit down, but i think you would have btter chances trying to dance then not doing anything at all.

    5. once your singed into a company of course there gonna allow you to go to college or high school etc...while your a trainee you first go to college/highschool in the morning/afternoon and then after school you have to go to practice for like about 10 hours and then the rest of the time you get is doing your homework or sleeping. HAHA omg you are blunt :P no there not gonna say that to you alotttt of idols right now go to college even though there famous and don't need it. yeah they make you choose if you want to go to college or not.


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    good luck

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