i applied weed and feed , but i have stripes , like i missed spots, how do i fix it?

it looks like every other pass, got it on it, i'm desperate for a fix

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  • Ranger
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    1 decade ago
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    Depends on what color the stripes are. If the grass is light green and dark green where you applied the W & F, you missed spots is all. Wait to weeks after the first application and make a second application on the light green stripes. It will fill in and turn dark green like the rest of the lawn.

    If the stripes are green and yellow, you applied too much fertilizer and it is burning the lawn where it was applied. Water heavily until the yellow stripes turn green again. Two weeks after application of W&F over seed your lawn with grass seed to thicken it and make it uniform in color and texture.

  • 1 decade ago

    OK, we can't all be ball park perfect applicators. Stripes are common until you learn to overlap. Easiest is to get MiracleGro, put it on the end of your hose and spray the yellow areas. You could also go back over just the yellow areas with fertilizer but set at a lower rate.

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