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What Does Mechanically Sound Mean?

when buying a car what does mechanically sound mean?

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    Pretty much as stated, it is mechanically without any KNOWN faults. The vehicle in question may not be perfect but is in running order, as can be expected for its age and mileage.

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    Mechanically sound means the car is in good mechanical condition. "sound" is an adjective meaning "with no defects or damage"

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    10 years ago

    Its "pufferey" designed to make you buy the car.

    Unless an independent mechanic tells you that after you pay him to inspect it.

    Then, it means that, at that time, the car is mechanically sound.

    It doesn't mean it will be the next day.

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    10 years ago

    Mechanically, it appears to be safe and sound. The key word here is "appears".

    Source(s): Service Tech for many, many moons.............
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    It runs, but looks terrible.

  • 4 years ago

    something that has been tested and certified.

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