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i phone 4g in canada release date? and will bell sell it for the current 3gs price which is 700$.?

my scenerio is that i have the 3gs and i am thinking about selling it now before 4g comes out and i am with bell currently. but i want to be certain before i do this does anyone know the 4g release date, price and if bell will sell it without contract. also do you think this is a wise decision? selling 3gs for 535$

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    Last year the 3gs was released in Canada at the same time as it was in the US. The iPhone HD is supposed to be announced on June 22nd and released shortly thereafter. There are rumors of a price drop. It's unlikely that Bell will sell it without a contract.

    It might be a better idea to wait until OS 4.0 is hacked, then unlock it and sell it for more.

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