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英文演講 (國中程度) (20點)

請問各位大大喔 我最近要參加英文演講比賽

因為第一次 所以不知該怎麼寫稿 搶各位大大幫個忙喔 謝謝!(時間是2~3分)

1.My Favorite Book

2.Making Friends via the Internet

3.A Happy Event In My Life

PS 拜託各位大大可以付一下中文喔! 顛


嗯.....庭庭 我要的是演講稿喔 不是翻譯啦!! 謝謝

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    1. My Favorite Book

    My favorite book is “The Old Man and The Sea,” written by Hemingway. It tells a story about an old fisherman struggling hard against a giant fish. Having undergone many hardships, the old fisherman finally defeated the fish. However, to his great sorrow, the big fish he had caught was eaten up by a school of sharks. Every time I read this novel, I not only feel sympathy for the old fisherman but admire his courage and perseverance as well. I have learned something from this book-that is, to gain success one has to make constant efforts. I will follow the example of the old fisherman.


    2. Making Friends via the Internet


    3. A Happy Event in My Life

    One day, while walking along the street, I witnessed a car accident. I saw a taxi running through a red light and it knocked down an old man who was crossing the road. The old man lay down on the road and lost consciousness, with his head bleeding. As soon as I saw that, I called for an ambulance to send him to a nearby hospital for the first aid. From this, I fully realize that the most beautiful thing in the world is our endless love and care.


    Hope Helps!!

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    1.My Favorite Book 翻譯成 我喜愛的書

    2.Making Friends via the Internet翻譯成交朋友通过互聯網

    3.A Happy Event In My Life翻譯成一件喜事在我的生活中

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