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Why do i always want to be like somebody else?

Well to start off I'm a 14 year old girl. I go through these "stages" where i feel as if i want to be somebody else, but not just any random person, mostly famous people.

At one stage i EXTREMELY wanted to be and look like Miley Cyrus, so i went out and i bought a plain book with nothing in it, then i googled all the information about her that's possible to get


how to do your hair like hers

what makeup she wears

how do you your makeup like hers

what clothes she wears

i read her biograpghy

whats her favorite colour

whats her favorite song

and so so so much more its not even funny

I also googled "How to be like Miley Cyrus" and "How to act like Miley Cyrus" and this came up

at the time i basically lived by this, i would search the internet for pictures of her so i got an idea of what clothes she wears, and how she wears her hair.

Then i saved everything, printed it out and glued it into my book.

I even bought real hair extensions, that i no longer use anymore, just to get her long beautiful hair.

I have done this approximately 3 times with:

*Kendra Wilkinson

*Selena Gomez

*Miley Cyrus

I wanted to be like all of them, and for a while now ive been myself. But i went to see "The Last Song" yesterday and i think something triggered it again, because I'm suddenly wanting to be like Miley Cyrus again, not as bad... but still.

It's like i have an identity crisis, and its giving me really low self-esteem about myself.

Because it just seems like these people are all so perfect... and then theirs me.

I really need somebody to tell me what to do, I'm so confused...

please help me :(

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