Extremely easy world history question answer gets 10 points?

if you could just answer my question with 3-5 sentences I'll give you 5 points :D :

How did the rise of nazism, fascism, and militarism in Germany, Italy, and Japan, as well as communism in the Soviet Union, contribute to the outbreak of World War II?

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    What a lot of people don't remember anymore is that the Communists were rioting in the streets in Germany - all they way from the mid 1920's to 1932. Communism is a new idea in Soviet Russia - and it's spreading to many countries. Workers think it gives them more rights - so young Communists want to make Germany a worker's paradise too.

    But the new Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler is fighting the Communists in pitched battles in the street. The German middle class is terrified of the Communists - they don't like Adolf Hitler much either - but when they are forced to choose, they choose the Nazis.

    But Hitler's unspoken agenda is to start a great big war and take over the Soviet Union - and in this war 60 million people will die.

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    If this truly were "extremely easy," why would you even need to bother asking us? This is in fact, a very intricate and complicated subject, and in 3-5 sentences, even lo-o-ong ones, you can only hope to scratch the surface, but here goes in 4 (LONG) sentences.

    Nazism, fascism, and communism are forms of government; militarism is a tendency of a government to commit extraordinary resources to the military, and pre-war Japan had, as its form of government, an almost feudalistic, theistic monarchy. Inasmuch as all these systems of government, which can be lumped under the term, 'statism,' make the state supreme and the people subservient to it, they all place into the hands of a leader who is bent on expansionism, the tools to carry out his expansionist agenda without the possibility of effective interference from the populace. Such was the case for Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, and Stalin, and while the first three of these leaders had formed alliances before the war, Hitler and Stalin entered into a non-aggression pact with regard to Poland. When both their nations invaded that country from opposite sides in September of 1939, in blatant violation of their treaty, and with Britain and France having agreed to support Polish independence, all the pieces were in place for the flurry of declarations of war that marked the beginning of WWII.

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  • Political street warfare between the Communist armed militia and the SA, both groups enlarged by mass unemployment, would heighten the sense of instability in the country and the weakness of the Weimar Government. The street violence would help shift moderate conservative opinion towards the need for Germany to find an anti-Communist strong man to restore order in the way of life.

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