can someone answer this please?

K.C. needs fertilizer for a circular garden that is eight feet in diameter. One bag of fertilizer covers 41 sq


What is the area of the garden to the nearest square foot and how many bags of fertilizer will he need?

A) 280 square foot--6 bags

B) 201 square foot--5 Bags

C) 100 square foot--3 Bags

D) 125 square foot--4 Bags

E) 50.24 square foot--2 Bags

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    The most simple answer in the quickest amount of time (coming from a mathematics major). The diameter of the circle is 8. So if you put that 8 diameter circle inside a perfect square with a 8 ft diameter, you will get an area of 64 square feet. Since the area of the circle will be SMALLER than that of the square with an are of 64 sq ft, the ONLY answer would be E. If there were more than one answer less than 64 sq feet you would use the formula. In this case - it is not needed at all.


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  • askt4
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    Let the diameter of the circle be d

    Let the radius of the circle be r

    So the formula to determine radius (r) when given the diameter (d) is:

    r = 1/2 d


    r = 1/2*8

    r = 4

    So the radius of your circular garden is 4 feet.

    The formula for the area of a circle is

    A(rea) = ╥ r2 where r is the radius of your garden and ╥ = 3.l4

    From the first calculation above the value of r is 4

    So plug in the knowns to determine the unknown:

    A = 3.14*(4*4)

    A = 3.14 * (16)

    A = 3.14 * 16

    A = 50.24

    Choose E): The area of the garden is 50.24 sq. ft.; the gardener will need to buy 2 bags of fertilizer.

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  • cas
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    area of a circle = Pi x radius squared = 3.142 x 8 x 8 sq.ft = 201.088 or 201 sq.ft. to nearest sq.ft.

    so ans = B

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    you need an F: 25sft and only one bag of fertilizer that's what i get... but if he had 2 gardens of that length then E cause that would fit with my equations...

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