Avatar: The Last airbender season 4 mystery?

Huge fav on last airbender, but lately i been finding more reasons why they should have a book 4 or season 4...its been rumored they started airing new episodes in dutch? if so, any link to it? and after all these years is there a chance for more new episodes?
Update: the dutch countries already have the release of "the last airbender" movie?!?! im jealous! and is there any articles that are recent that would title me to any proof of new episodes?
Update 2: huge point, example, Unclie Iroh?!?! hes always the respected man because of his past, what did happen in his past? he had a son too!! but what happened to him? and Zukos mother...that could entitle a new journey that Zuko and Aang can encounter many obstacles to overcome.
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