Avatar: The Last airbender season 4 mystery?

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Huge fav on last airbender, but lately i been finding more reasons why they should have a book 4 or season 4...its been rumored they started airing new episodes in dutch? if so, any ...show more
Update : the dutch countries already have the release of "the last ...show more
Update 2: huge point, example, Unclie Iroh?!?! hes always the respected man because ...show more
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There won't be a season 4. M.Night confirmed with the creators that they are DONE with the series before he went ahead and made the first movie. He will be covering what had happened with Zuko's mom and providing some more closure, however there are no intentions for a fourth season.

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not exactly what i wanted to here..im not entirely sure if your answer is true, but i'll rely on it for now, so many rumors are going on!!
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    I love that show! I was a little disappointed by the cliff-hanger ending considering that it was supposed to be the last season:/ I would like it if they made another season, but I don't know what the plot would be for it. I don't think I would like very much so to watch a whole season of Zuko trying to find his mother. I guess we'll just have to see how things work out:)

    Answer mine?
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  • harrison w answered 4 years ago
    theres no pint for a season 4 man. The 3 books were based on the other 3 elements Ang had to learn: Water, Earth, and Fire. 3 elements to learn hence 3 seasons.
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  • Moeguttareckless answered 4 years ago
    There is not going to be a fourth season, the creators comfirmed at a Anime Con that the series ends with book fire so no.
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  • jessalwayz;;;^_^ answered 4 years ago
    Well to answer some of your questions. I doubt there will be season 4 even though i searched like crazy when season 3 ended. Iroh was a respected man because he was a good general and he almost overtook Ba sing se. He was also known as The dragon of the west. His son died in war. This is said in a few episodes but cant remember which. About Zuko's mom i hated the cliff hanger. But i think they might answer that in the upcoming films. You know they are going to make like 2 more movies after the last airbender. But if there doing a whole new series in dutch id be willing to learn the language ^_^
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  • T answered 4 years ago
    yes in dutch its true, but thts becuz the movie that is comin out to us called the last airbender went well, if it goes well in the usa then yes and i believe they shuld since the last episode of it had Zucko askin his father the fire lord where his mother was
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