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Is there any kind of correlation between intelligence and money?

- Debt

- Living off someone else (parents, friends)

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    There are seven different categories of intelligence. Social IQ (politicians, managers..), spatial IQ (pro-sports stars, pro-athletes....), mechanical, verbal, conceptual/abstraction, musical/arts or synthesis-common sense.

    Have you ever met a science or math genius that couldn't tie his shoe?

    Have you ever met a wealthy person that had no sympathy or empathy for anyone but themselves?

    They are idiots in some areas but gifted in others. On the average, I would agree that most of the wealthy people that I know personally are not particularly gifted in conceptual or synthesis or spatial IQ, but have a very high social IQ -the ability to control and manipulate other people or social situations. There are always obvious exceptions to all rules of thumb because some folks are wealthy by luck or birth or for a particular gift/talent.

    When you ask about IQ, what combination are you stressing. IQ measured by an ACT score is very limited. In some situations, common sense is wrong every single time! Alone, it is not a good measure either.

    However, high social IQ is correlated to social and/or economic success in America. In some countries, this is not a measure of being a successful person in life!

    Hope this answers gave you some ideas.

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    Not at all.

    I would say there is a bigger correlation between "common sense" and money.

    I know many people that never went to college and have a lot of money that they earned themselves.

    I also know many people that are college graduates...and in some cases, have advanced degrees, but they can't seem to hang-on to their money. They spend more than they earn.

    Having more education usually means that you can earn more in life. But as the saying goes, "It's not what you earn. It's what you save."

    I attended college and can tell you, I never had a class in how to earn more or save more. I learned that all from my parents, that never went to college.

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    I highly doubt there's a strong correlation between intelligence and money. In fact, it's pretty rare to find someone who's filthy rich and is also intellectual/intelligent.

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    George W. Bush was an idiot and he has plenty of money.

    Plenty of rich kids are setup through life, some fail, most succeed. That doesn't mean they are smart, just connected. Only 3% of people will leave the social class they are born into.

    George Bush lost more investment money than I will ever even see in my life, why? Because he had connections through his family and failed at many businesses before becoming successful.

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    It depends on what you think "intelligence" is. I think the intelligent thing to do in life is to do something you enjoy doing. Most people with a lot of money have horrible jobs (doctors, pharmacy, etc.). So, i think most rich people are not intelligent.

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    There is almost always a definite correlation between intelligence and money. This is due to the fact that the poor are almost always raised in an environment without much intellectual stimulation, are sent to subpar educational institutions, and are actively repressed by the more intelligent upper classes, the wealthier people, who do have the resources to send their children to elite institutions and rear them in an environment conducive the learning. Surely, all people have roughly, or at least extremely similar, capacity to learn and become intelligent. However, one's environment affects ones behavior and decision-making, so obviously those who have less of an access to education, will, overall, be more ignorant. This being said, I mean no offense to anybody who is poor or does not have money; many brilliant thinkers and artists have come from a lower-class environment.

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    Yeah, of course. IQ and socioeconomic position are positively correlated.

    Edit: People who post anecdotes obviously don't know what a correlation is. Of course you'll have counterexamples. It's a correlation, not a rule.

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    Ya. The more intelligent you are the more money you can make. Please note, scoring 99% marks in exams does not mean you are intelligent, it just means you are good in remembering things. Using your brains in right time and in right way is what smart person do. My Great grand father was farmer and fully uneducated, but very smart. He made allot of money. allot. My grand father was a dumb man and also uneducated, and he lost 75% of the money, My father had was in top 10 in all india medical examination and smart too and is a Surgeon, makes gud money. But i prefer my great grandfathers way : Study less earn more :p

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    sure, they can be intelligent without education. LIFE SKILLS! smile

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    You mean the lottery is rigged?! And you have to be really smart to win the big bucks?! Dam.

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