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Women answer itis abot choosing a guy?

I have a friend who has an incurable eye sight problem. He thinks he cannot get a girl because of this. The guy i know cannot where glasses and there is no cure. However he can see reasonably well he doesn't ned aguide dog, a white stick and if you met him you would be none the wiser as to his disability there is nothing showing he hs a problem until you find out from him i.e. he tels you.

I am a girl and am too gooder friends to be i a relationship with him. However I can say with no bas he is extremely handsome six ft 3 iches tall, slim he is very intelegent h just got into Cambridge University UK. I have told hm that his eesight will make no difference t most girls because h his clever, handsome, tall good personality but he cannot blieve me.

I a asking o your behalf would this stop you going out with him even when h is as handsome, tall and clever as i say he is. The things his sight stop him from doing are things like driving, reading from far dstances seeing as far a everyone else but he can d most things normal with help of little aids wich he uses so quick y don't even otice like small magnifiers.

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    Who cares about one flaw in an otherwise great guy, an eyesight problem doesn't matter if you really like someone. He seems to be doing well for himself in life despite his eyesight so why should it affect his ability to get girls. I have a friend with very bad eyesight too and she get Plenty of guys! It's not really a factor most people would consider. x

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    Not all ladies suppose that is appropriate. Or, no less than, now not on an highbrow degree. The extra I learn approximately anthropology, the extra I discover what females have advanced to assume from a person (pretty much the potential to furnish and preserve her and her loved ones.) For this purpose, females usually vie for the awareness of 1, very prime-repute male and pour scorn over people who lack the vigour, intelligence or ambition to 'convey house the spoils of the quest' (or cash, in our today's society.) They usually do not imply to be merciless or hurtful and don't seem to be consciously figuring out to be. It's simply tough-stressed of their nature to be this fashion, simply as you would now not provide an unpleasant, fats woman a moment appear. The option to preclude that is to emerge as victorious and unbiased, then they would possibly not dare mess you round.

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    Wow he sounds dreamy :) I would go out with him if I actually knew him lol I don't understand who wouldn't. He could be completely blind and I wouldn't care if he had a personality like that. Tell him whoever said the they wouldn't date him aren't worthy of dating him in the first place. Good luck he deserves to have a good gf! R u sure u only want to be friends? Lol

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    Well the good qualities overrule a little eye sight problem. I would date him.:)

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    That should never keep anyone from liking a guy.

    It's everything on the inside that counts. and hey, he's handsome, so that's a bonus.

    If you really do like him, go for it ! (:

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    it's actually a good thing he has this. it'll get him somebody who cares about him and will stay by his side.

    if it's not even noticeable, then it's not really a great disability anyway.

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    wtf who cares.. plus youre going out with him why does it matter.

    That should never make a difference. he sounds like a good guy

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