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I'm writing a novel, and I need some information about leukemia?

Okay so basically, a mysterious girl has leukemia but this is unknown to her class mates and I need help with some questions I have. (she is a teenager maybe 15 or 16)

1) What are the early signs and symptoms?

2) Is it possible for her to have good days when she is able to come to school and bad days when she is unable?

3) About how long will it be until she just can't physically come to school anymore?

4) What are the signs and symptoms in the later stages?

5) What sort of treatment will she undergo and how will this affect her coming to school?

6) Any other information will be helpful.

Thank you for any help :)

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    Ok, I'll take on answering this :) And I'll try my best to avoid Wiki D: WARNING: answers all over the place.

    [ Symptoms! Both early and later]

    Ok, so I found out, "The symptoms of leukemia depend on the number of leukemia cells and where these cells collect in the body." (Source 1)

    They may not have symptoms, and could find out they have because of a blood test at the doctors. Perhaps, with out me saying anything, you could incorporate this info in the storyline.

    "People with ACUTE leukemia usually go to their doctor because they feel sick. If the brain is affected, they may have headaches, vomiting, confusion, loss of muscle control, or seizures. Leukemia also can affect other parts of the body such as the digestive tract, kidneys, lungs, heart, or testes."

    Also - fevers, sweats in the night, weight loss, bleed and bruising easily, pain in bones and joints, feeling weak and tired .

    Apparently, lots of tests are done to check for the cancer - I'd hate to paste everything, just scroll down on this page for more info -

    2.) It says there is a chronic leukemia, so I would GUESS that she could have bad and good days. It also mentions on this site that people with chronic leukemia normally don't have early symptoms: BUT, it does say,

    "•Feeling very tired

    •Weight loss for no known reason

    •Night sweats


    •Pain or a feeling of fullness below the ribs on the left side."

    3.) Until she gets some of those harsh symptoms. That's my scientific guessing, though.

    4.) Refer to top of answer.

    5.) Also refer to tests in top of answer.

    Treatment really depends on a specific type of Leukemia. Since you probably want her to have good and bad days, I would go with Chronic. There's apparently more types of chronic Leukemia too. So maybe google which one you want her to have :)

    Here's what I googled. "chronic leukemia treatment" -

    Good luck with your story! I hope I haven't overwhelmed you! ^^' There's a lot to this topic though.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) Bruising along the spine, tiredness, flu-like symptoms due to weak immune system

    2) It depends. Does she know she has Leukemia? If she doesn't, then she'd probably feel too tired to go to school, but her mum would probably make her anyway

    3) The chemotherapy&/radiotherapy would really wreck her down, and then due to the hormonal changes, she'd probably feel to sick and insecure to go to school

    5) Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplants, stem cell transplants, heaps of painkillers, anti-depressants etc

    6) - If your writing a story about some poor girl who has cancer and everyone ends up pitying her, that is not a stable plot. You will need a lot of revision and I doubt you will get far.

    - Read my sister's keeper and watch the film

    - 'Know what you write'. In other words, do your own research other than asking questions on here. You were given a brain for reason. Use it.

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  • 4 years ago

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