I miss Ronnie Radke from ETF, but who's team are you on Radke's or Craig's?

in my opinion Ronnie was perfect for ETF to bad he was at the wrong place at the wrong time when that stupid fight happened and got blamed for everything :( But we have to give Craig a chance right? i mean he basiclly held the band from falling apart and in my opiion he isnt as talented as Ronnie but he took on a huge responsiablity..

what about you guys what do you think Ronnie or Craig?

poor Ronnie <3 <3 <3 i wish him all luck and hope for the best he's du to get out soon and i wish him all the best with his new band Fallingin Reverse! cant wait till they start touring!! :D

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    look girl

    Ronnie's gone

    2 years now

    he was amazing

    but all these drug and drinking things

    made ETF to kick him off

    Craig's pretty cool, and is more famous than Ronnie, since he has been in more bands, such as blessthefall etc.

    My point:

    Ronnie was good

    Craig is good

    Ronnie is gone

    Craig is the singer now

    SO STOP ALL THIS "i miss ronnie"

    because he ain't coming back, and it's just a lil too late to say you miss him

    (i'm 150% sure that you're just a new ETF fan-since you say I m iss Ronnie 2 years after he left)

    I got news for you

    people that weren't fans of ETF since Ronnie was w them

    Can't say they miss him


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    Oh my gosh, on everywhere I go someone asks this. Ronnie and Craig are both amazing singers, they just have different styles. This happened two years ago, people need to get over it. He's not coming back, he has a new band now.

    And the people that say Craig sucks? That's total BS. He has been in three successful and totally amazing bands: Blessthefall, The Word Alive, and now Escape the Fate. He does not suck. I'd like to see you try.

    And Ronnie was awesome too. Although I'm not a fan of his new band.

    And I've (unfortunately) never met them, but Craig seems way nicer to fans than Ronnie. I don't want to judge when I haven't met them, but that's what I've seen in videos.

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    Ronnie Radke is one of the best. People say all he did was bad but it was the band itself that caused all this. if they cared so much about him then why haven't they even payed him a visit when he was in jail? besides, Ronnie is gonna be in a new band called 'falling in reverse'. he may not be in Escape The Fate anymore but now he's gonna be better than Escape the Fate was. Etf may have moved on without Ronnie but his fans will always stand by his side.

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  • 4 years ago

    I wish that folk might basically pass on from this. an analogous debate is going for Blessthefall and Chiodos. i'm uninterested in this comparable argument. yet, i think of that folk would desire to give up whining like little bitches with reference to an analogous argument and would desire to settle for what's what. Are you a fan or not? Any fan will settle for any musicial undertaking at present foregoing via a band. i'm not saying you will desire to consider each and every determination, yet? the foremost ones or you're basically yet another poser. are you able to manage a metamorphosis? Are you a splash b*tch or a guy accepting exchange? the two Craig and Ronnie are? somewhat proficient to each their own. So, why argue approximately who's greater smart? they are the two f*cking magnificent! yet for an analogous argument, if human beings have that lots time on their hands to argue, possibly they'd desire to evaluate getting a activity so which you will not have time to argue pointlessly. *mini rant over*

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    I prefer Craig, he's so much nicer and the best 'replacement' for Ronnie...

    Ronnie DOES have a brilliant voice though...

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