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BASKETBALL: do you think the lakers need to rebuild their bench?

Keep Lamar odom, Shannon brown, Jordan farmar and DJ Mbenga

and trade the rest for something that's actually gonna help them when the starters need rest

I was thinking maybe bring Allen iverson off the bench as a SG and Tracy mcgrady for Ron at the PF position??

Keep Shannon brown and use him as a PG so he can keep up with the young point guards like westbrook

DJ Mbenga may not be as good but from the little times he's played I thought he was pretty good. He has a pretty good mid range jumpshot and have him at center.

Oh and BTW give AI and TMAC the veteran miNimum

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    As Walton will flourish under Nellie or D'Antoni rather than Zen Master, Vujacic seems less serviceable than declining players like Peterson, and Morrison is completely ourperformed by his nemesis Redick, you can see there are too many odd men in Lakers roster.

    While it is sensible for Lakers to keep a tweener in Powell who can at finish around the rim and a center who will potentially play at his 40s in Mbenga (he should have never felt exhausted in a NBA game), the depth in perimeter is somewhat laughable that only Brown is reliable - Farmar is a crafty PG who is comparable to Rodriguez in terms of inconsistency and complacency.

    Lakers are trying to trim down the payroll, but a shallow bench is a major obstacle for their champ pursuit. T-Mac is a realistic option this summer, but it requires no less than a bi-annual exception (around 1.99 million) to secure his service. Given Lakers are desperately looking for a quick point, maybe they can consider a bargain pickup on the like of Telfair or Head. Lakers can also go for another direction to add a proven three-point shooting PG like Blake.

    Again, any feasible trade to dump Walton and/or Vujacic will give Lakers the necessary relief, but I don't see it happened in the short run unless Lakers involve in a blockbuster trade.

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    odom, farmar, and brown is a good bench

    maybe use there draft picks to enhance there bench

    draft players or trade the picks for players

    either way wud help the lakers

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