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How can I ask...?(twenty characters is so annoying)?

Yesterday, my bird Bingo died. It's so weird seeing his empty cage, and hearing the house so quiet. Yesterday I mentioned a new bird to my dad and he said no not any time soon because it would be a rebound. I mentioned a hedgehog to my mom and she said no more pets. However a few minutes later she said she was gonna take down his cage, and I asked why I couldn't sell the stuff if we're not getting a new bird. She said "You never know". Now, I was wondering how I could ask to get a new bird without seeming like I don't care about Bingo. I loved that bird, we had him for 9 years. But, I had also wanted a second bird when we had Bingo. This bird would not be a rebound I would love him just as much. I could most likely pay for it myself. My parent's are kind of old fashioned conservative. How should I go about asking to get a new bird without getting yelled at or an automatic no?

R.I.P Bingo

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    I would tell your parents that you MISS BINGO and want to channel that love and care into a new bird. It's true, you do need some time to grieve, but only you will be able to know when that time has passed. People usually know when they are ready to move on.

    It's also possible that your parents are still a little traumatized or worried by Bingo's passing. Maybe THEY are the ones who need the time. After 9 years, they were probably attached as well, perhaps more than they let on in front of you. The fact that your mom didn't want you selling the cage means that she would like a new bird someday too.

    I would just be honest, and say something like,

    "Mom, Dad... I really miss Bingo, but I think I'm ready to move forward. I want to have life in that cage again, and have a bird to take care of. If you need more time, I understand, but I am ready whenever you are. I could even pay for a new bird myself, because I am serious about the responsibility of caring for it"

    I would try to avoid the word "rebound" all together. That implies that a death is something you forget about, that you could somehow replace Bingo with someone else. But the fact is that a bird is never "replaceable" like a broken toy or lost favorite pair of jeans. Think of it instead as a choice to love again.

    I hope this helps, and am sorry for your loss. I think that they will let you have another bird, perhaps just according to their own time frame.

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